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  1. FOR SALE - GATES PMW-200 HOUSING & CAMERA BUNDLE Everything in excellent condition, used once on a broadcast shoot in Bermuda 2014, then stored. GATES Housing for Sony PMW-200 GATES SWP44 4K Fathom Signature Super Wide Port GATES SP44 Standard Dome Port (acrylic) GATES HD EM50 Monitor + 2 Batteries + Bulkhead Hydrophone X2 full spare new O ring sets Tripod plate HOYA lens kit GATYES trim weights SONY PMW 200 with box, paperwork, leads as new in mint condition X2 Sony BP U60 & X1BP U30 with charger Petrol PCUHD soft camera bag PELI 1630 flight case for gates FOR MORE INFO AND PICTURES PLEASE GO TO: www.gassproductions.co.uk/GATES-PMW-200-for-sale £3500.00 + VAT @ 20% FOR UK SALE + DELIVERY (WILL SHIP INTERNATIONALLY), ONO (GBP) Email andy@gassproductions.co.uk or call +44 844 736 5768
  2. Hello, I have introduced myself and still can't place a classified add or start a new topic, such a difficult site to use! can you help me?
  3. Hi, Andy Smith from UK gassProductions, looking to sell a PMW-200 Gates Bundle and would like to reach out to the community
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