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  1. Just spent 8 months in Cozumel. Always wanted to be there as more than just a tourist. Finally wishes became realities.
  2. Many thanks to all who took time to answer my questions, I appreciate your time. I am going to Lembeh near end of December...I will try BBF and if not working, can always go back to shutter. Fingers crossed for some good, in-focus images!
  3. Thanks for all the helpful info. Yes, I use AF-C and spot focus. So I pick a point to focus on (using the back button), focus lock and then let go. Then when I go to shoot, it's out of focus again...so I start all over and the continuous focus is going crazy trying to focus. Everyone keeps saying how great BBF is, but so far, it's just as difficult as using shutter release focus. I will keep practicing. Thanks to all for taking to the time to answer.
  4. I am having trouble mastering BBF, especially on macro/supermacro. (I have a 60mm on my Nikon D7100) Seems to me, BBF is really like manual focus...because if you move one little smidge, your image is out of focus...like when shooting a pygmy, etc. The whole "recompose" issue seems irrelevant, because you are constantly trying to focus...I feel like I'm missing something...can someone explain? I'm sure it's "operator error"
  5. I'm here because I recently upgraded to a Nikon D7100 with a Nauticam housing--a big learning curve! Am taking classes, and going to a workshop given by ReefPhoto in August. Need all help I can get! I started with a Sea and Sea camera in 1994(the big yellow ones!) My first digital was an Olympus 3 megapixel in and Light and Motion housing...I fell in love with digital on a trip to Fiji with that camera...thought it was SO cool that I could delete photos and re-take them. I've taken some decent pictures, but don't know the "science" behind what I'm doing--so I look forward to this journey forward.
  6. Started a live-aboard trip on the Arenui from Ambon Bay in December 2013. We were delayed a day waiting for a nitrox fix, and ended up doing several dives here. Was amazing for macro. Saw rhinopias. Can't speak to any other area except that one spot.
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