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  1. What would be the price of the Spot light please? And how old is it/ how many hours 'in use' time? Thank you
  2. I have done the same mistake...bought one off ebay (amazon was selling them at that time too) and it ruined all my videos/pictures. It was thick and very red. So I bought a Polarpro which is more pink-ish and all videos are great....Buy cheap, buy twice and all that...
  3. Hi, I'm Mike, living in the UK, but originally from Slovakia. I'm keen amateur photographer, but my underwater setup is still somehow limited...I've got aging Canon S70 which still takes decent UW photos and a Gopro accompanied with Knog Qudos...which made me want to upgrade the whole setup as I can see it's potential (and limitations). I'll be reading and learning from you guys
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