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  1. I will purchase 1 set of Inon light diffusers + red filter. PM sent
  2. Hi All, I am looking for a used Ikelite 5516.50 and 5516.70. Ikelite DLM Extended Flat Port (5516.50): https://www.ikelite.com/products/dlm-extended-flat-port Ikelite 2.25" Mirrorless Lens Port Extension (5516.70): https://www.ikelite.com/products/dlm-2-2-inch-port-extension Please send me an email if you have one for sales (Email: alantsang2@gmail.com). Regards Alan
  3. Sea & Sea RDX Port Base L It's used to install in RDX-series housings and transfom into Sea&Sea MDX mount ports. Price: $80 UDS (Paypal Only) Condition: Excellent. It has been used for 2 times
  4. https://www.ebay.com/itm/162763503715?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1558.l2649
  5. Hi JB, What is your favourite lens for Sony A6500 if you are shooting wide angle? Macro? and fish portrait? I heard the Sony 16mm with fisheye converter is not good in terms of corner sharpness, what about stopping down the aperture? Alan
  6. Hi All, As per my understanding, the Sony a6000 and a6300 cameras are very similar in size and design. Has anyone try to use Sony A6300 or A6500 in the Ikelite A6000 underwater housing? The faster AF system, metabones and 4k video are very appealing. Direct Quote from Ikelite: "Unfortunately, differences in lens placement prevent the cameras from being used interchangeably in the same housing" http://www.ikelite.com/housings/sony/6910.61-sony-a6000.html Alan
  7. Hi Susan, I am currently using Sony A6000 with Ikelite Underwater Housing with the kit lens (16-50mm), Sigma 19, 30 and 60mm and Sony 50mm macro. I also have Canon 500d with a Sea&Sea Underwater Housing. I am using Canon 60mm macro in this setup. The major difference between these 2 cameras are the low light capabilities, video recording quality and autofocusing speed. If you decide to upgrade from your existing canon DSLR (I assume it is a 500d) to Sony A6500, you should notice immediate: 1) Improvement in noise performance (even in Low ISO); 2) Canon 500d Full HD video will be replaced by the stunning 4k output from the Sony A6500 with good 'autofocusing'; 3) You will be able to focus using the LCD screen compares to the small viewfinder in Canon 500d. Plus the Canon 500d live view autofocus is barely usable; 4) Ability to crop pictures during post-processing thanks to the increased megapixels (this is a plus point for macro shots) There are few things to consider: 1) My Sony A6000 white balance is not as good as Canon 500d. It is not consistent. I normally shoot RAW so this is not a big disappointment as I can adjust the white balance during post-processing; 2) Sony native E-mount lens selection is still limited and Sony doesn't seems to pay much attention to its E-mount lens. There are converter in the market which allows you to use Canon lens or other manufacturer lens, however, the autofocusing performance is questionable; 3) Sony A6XXX battery performance can be also an issue, some underwater housings have the option to allow the use of external battery pack. This is definitely an option worth for considering, you don't want to open the housing in between dives to change battery. 4) This sel1018 is good but not incredible in terms of image quality but sharpness generally improve when stopping down the aperture. Sorry for my bad English. Alan
  8. Hello, I am looking for Ikelite DLM Lens Ports for sale. The lens port that I am interested in are: DLM Superwide 6 inch Dome Port (Product Number: 5516.11) DLM 6 inch Dome Port with Zoom (Product Number: 5516.15) Pm me with any details or email me at alantsang2@gmail.com
  9. Selling Price: $ AUD 360 + Postage (i.e. $ USD 300 + Postage) Payment Method: Paypal Shipping Option: Australian Post International Standard Registered Postage Item Location: Sydney, Australia Condition: This strobe has been used for around 30 dives. It has never been flooded and is in excellent working order. It is NOT cosmetically perfect and there are visible hairline scratches on the body from normal use. Please check the pictures for item condition. This strobe is arguably one of the brightest strobes on the market. It features a 12 power level control, a wide warm beam and a built-in LED target light. What is included: Sea&Sea YS250 Pro Strobe Head Diffuser Sea&Sea YS250 Pro Strobe O-ring Set (Brand New) with Silicon Grease (Brand New) Charger Battery Arm Fixing Bolt Sea&Sea 5-pin Sync Cord/N What is NOT included: Original Package Original Manual
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