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  1. Thanks all of you, those are really helpful. Cheers Teleopsis
  2. Hi there A couple of real beginner questions. 1) This is the really daft one - is it OK to put a wet lens on a housing before you get in the water? There will be a bubble of air between the housing and the lens, and I'm wondering if that might cause problems. 2) Slightly less daft - I'm thinking about getting some lighting. Given how powerful video lights are nowadays, what sort of results might I get if I used something like a Fantasea Radiant Pro 2500 instead of a strobe for taking stills? A good high-power video light costs about as much as a decent strobe, but I don't know how the light output compares because strobes have their output given as guide numbers. Any thoughts? Thanks for putting up with my silly questions. Teleopsis.
  3. Hi there From the UK. Getting into underwater photography. Currently using an RX100 iii in a Fantasea housing.
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