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  1. Bought all this for a recent trip to try my hand at underwater photography. I enjoy just diving right now so im selling all but my camera. I prefer to sell as a package but may break it up. Not been flooded and everything works great. Strobes still have the box and everything they came with.

    Asking $2500 for the whole setup

    Rx100ii housing with magnifier & mounting rails, M67/LD bayonet mount and Inon uwl-h100 wet lens.
    Flextray with right handle 5" and 3" arms
    Inon-Z240-Type4-Dive-Flash-S-TTL-Strobe-with-Z-Adapter-II and fiber optic cable
    6 stix jumbo floats



  2. I already have a rx100 ii and picked up a used nauticam housing for it. I also have a uwl-h100 lense for it and am looking for advice to finish up a beginner setup. I really just want to be able to take pics of the reef and my dive buddy. As of now i will mainly just use it for general photos just to show my younger daughter.


    Will i need two strobes or will one be ok? What else may i need? Apprericiate any tips :)



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