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  1. I am an EE (not specialized on analog electronics like a flash, but still...) and I agree with okuma. That or something in the charging path for the capacitor (an inductor and a transistor or flash IC depending on the design). A burnt-out flash tube is as you would suspect more or less black inside, often near one side. Skickat från min SM-G920F via Tapatalk
  2. How much for one of the flashes along with the bad battery? That would mean you could sell one flash and the two bad batteries to two people in Europe and have one complete and working flash left for someone else... My interest is highly dependent on the price though...
  3. I'm a bit interested, but I need to get a better view of what might be wrong. Can you describe in more detail what works and what does not work? Does the "Ready" light trigger on the side when the flash should have triggered? Is it possible to open it up and take a picture of the circuit board? Oh, and if you remove the batteries (open up and remove just the cells, see 2:54-6:20 of https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kFOUAje4c5k) and charger (expensive to ship, easy to replace), what would the shipping be to Sweden? Br./ Henrik Kjellberg
  4. Ok, I have arranged the transport from Austin, so I will send you the address in PM.
  5. Sorry for the misunderstanding, I'm still investigating the possibility to get it from Austin with a colleague, but direct shipping is also an option. The shipping would be to postal address 22468 Lund in Sweden.
  6. What would that be for sending it directly to Sweden? Skickat från min SM-G920F via Tapatalk
  7. Thank you, got what I need but for the housing due to upgraded camera. Skickat från min SM-G920F via Tapatalk
  8. I need to look into that... I live in Sweden, but I have colleagues in Austin TX, maybe I can arrange something there... How much would the shipping be for Austin TX? Skickat från min SM-G920F via Tapatalk
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