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    Nikon D610 MDX-D600
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    Sea&Sea MDX-D600
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    Sea&Sea YS-D1
  1. Hi, everybody know how hard to find the zipper on your BCD pocket underwater, so any one have an idea to put some floater to easy locate the zipper easily. Thank you.
  2. Yes, also I have a vacuum system fetid in my housing, and if I vacuum the housing -6 the main command dial work fine. The rubber wheel which is connected to the command dial play freely up and down just a 2 or 3 mm, is this normal. Can I find a service kit for the housing (o-ring and rubber wheel..etc). Thank you
  3. Hi, I face a problem with my MDX-600 housing if any one can help my please, the main command dial rotate freely with no change to the shutter speed and some time the shutter speed increased only and I can't decrease the value, I checked the camera position and the tray secured in the bottom of the camera with no luck. Thank you
  4. Hi, My name is Khalifa, from Bahrain i am a diver since 2008 but I discover the beauty of underwater photography world on 2014. I have an Nikon D610 with a Sea&Sea MDX-D600 housing with 2 Sea&Sea strobes YS-D1. I have an account with "Instagram, Flickr and 500px by "khalifa58". Thank you.
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