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  1. SEA AND SEA MDX-D810 UNDERWATER CAMERA HOUSING FOR SALE After a beautiful and fruitful friendship, I am breaking up with my beloved Sea & Sea MDX-D810 Housing. I've been cheating on it for the past six months, and finally decided it was time to say goodbye for good. Please message me if you are interested. She is lovely and loyal on the inside, and I would say in her mid-40's in human years. (a little cosmetic wear). Included is the Housing, User's Manual, Camera dock, Sync Cable Bulkhead, and internal flash shield. $1800 OBO
  2. I believe the one for the Z-240 comes with the laser aiming light, and it may work well. It isn't needed on the YS-D1's because of the placement of the strobes modeling light. I just didn't realize that until I tried to use it. Good luck!
  3. I have one and I purchased the laser separately. I think it is a great snoot, however, It needs a little tweaking. I use Sea&Sea strobes, and the snoot fits over the end. Although it fits snugly, there is no way to keep it attached, so when I reach up to move the strobe head, it often comes off in my hand. I am having three holes machined into the sides to mount some thumb screws so I can tighten it down to the head of my strobe. There are graduating tips that screw off so you can have different sized light openings, but there is no grip on each tip, so trying to unscrew one under water with gloves on is impossible. Even dry, they are hard to unscrew. I had to put silicon grease on the threads. The laser was a waste of money for me. There is already a light bar on the snoot that my strobes aiming light can travel down and it works great for positioning the snoot. On the Laser, I found the tiny red dot was never anywhere near the subject, even though it has plenty of room for adjustment. (The laser aiming light is for sale The ring of light this snoot gives is nice. The edges are not hard like the Retra snoot, and not quite as soft as a fiber optic snoot. It is easy aim and gives a nice soft spotlight. If you are looking to get a snoot, you should think about what kind of light pattern you want on your subject. I personally don't care for the hard edges of the Retra. The 10Bar is good. My favorite is a fiber-optic snoot made by Subsee. It gives you the option of positioning the light wherever you want and has different sized tips for small or larger subjects. You can also put two arms on one snoot if you want light coming from two different directions. It takes some practice to use, though. Good Luck, I hope this is helpful to you!
  4. Hello! I am interested in doing some remote strobe work but I haven't been able to find a way to trigger my strobes remotely. I have read reviews on the Triggerfish and Seacam remote triggers, but they don't seem to be available for purchase. I use Sea&Sea YS-D1 or YS-D2 strobes. Ideally, I would like an optical trigger that will plug into the bulkhead using a sync cable. A fiber optic cable would work as well, but either solution would have to mate with my Sea&Sea strobes. I am not opposed to purchasing a dedicated strobe for this purpose, as I have heard that the INON Z240's have an optical sensor, but also that they might fire unexpectedly or not at all, depending on how light reaches the sensor. Is there a remote strobe solution out there? Does anyone have one they are no longer using for sale? Any other ideas? (BTW, I'm not interested in using continuous light, such as video lights unless it is my last and only hope.)
  5. Greetings from Southern California. My name is Brook and I dive with a Nikon D810 in Sea&Sea Housing with a variety of accessories and usually YS-D1 or YS-D2 strobes. Happy to be here.
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