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  1. Hi, I am selling Sea & Sea NX Compact Dome Port, a few times used but without sratches (served as a spare one), including the original Sea & Sea box. Original price 590 EUR (539 GBP) + shipping, selling for 300 EUR and shipping is free. More info: www.vaclavkrpelik.com
  2. Selling NEW zoom gear for Tokina 10-17 or Canon 16-35 in Sea & Sea RDX or MDX Housings. Item is like new (bought long time ago but not used): https://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/473670-REG/Sea_Sea_SS_31114_Zoom_Gear_for_Canon.html If interested, send me email to: info@vaclavkrpelik.com Vaclav www.vaclavkrpelik.com
  3. Hi guys, I am selling my belowed UW photography equipment for less than 30% of the original price to upgrade to a more expensive camera. The total price after 70% discount is 1492 EUR + shipping and include: 1x Sea & Sea RDX 450D housing (I use Canon 550D camera inside this housing as it fits as well) 2x Canon 550D cameras (one camera is for back up, therefore the system will last for many many years) 2x Sea & Sea 6" Dome port (one is for back up as it might get scratched) 1x Sea & Sea extension ring (necessary to attach dome port to housing) 1x Sea & Sea dome port neoprene cover (to protect the dome port from scratches) 1x Ultralight base tray (to attach housing to handle) 1x Ultralight handle (to attach arm and strobe to the housing) 1x Focus gear for Tokina 10-17 lens (for zooming) 1x Fiber optical cable for Inon strobes (fires external strobes optically) 1x Fantasea focus light (for macro photography) 1x Hot shoe (for attaching focus light or strobe to the housing) 2x Easy cover Canon body protection 1x Canon spare accumulator 1x Spare internal plate for Sea & Sea housing 1x Spare O-ring set for Sea & Sea housing 1x UW photography workshop for free (if you join me in the Red sea) Please note that you would have to add: 1 lens, 1 arm and 1 strobe to the set up. Also note that all UW photos on my web site were taken with this set up: www.vaclavkrpelik.com/en/gallery/people-underwater www.vaclavkrpelik.com/en/gallery/underwater ...so this is what you can get from it! And to get these photos from it I also offer free workshop, so that I can show you how to use it if you join me on any trip in the Red Sea (I am based in Prague, but dive in the Red sea). I will also provide you with more details in excel sheet sent on request (it includes more information and links to new products so that you can check that I charge 30% of normal price). Many thanks and have a good light in 2017, Vaclav www.vaclavkrpelik.com
  4. Hi guys, I am selling my UW photography equipment (2x Canon 550D + RDX housing + 2x dome port + other equipment (refer to the attached excel sheet for all details) for 50% of original price, to upgrade to a new camera. The equipment is fully functional, in very good condition and will last for another 20 years at least I guess. All these photos were captured with this set-up: http://www.vaclavkrpelik.com/en/gallery/people-underwater/ http://www.vaclavkrpelik.com/en/gallery/underwater/ I also offer free workshops / detailed training (on how to use it and how to take photos as above) if you join me on any of my diving trips (usually Red Sea). If you have any question, do not hesitate to contact me my web site: www.vaclavkrpelik.com
  5. Hi guys, Do you have any information on strobes reliability (especially when comparing Inon Z240 vs Sea&Sea YSD2)? I have been using Inon Z240 for 6 years and never had any problems with it. I use optical cables and slave trigerring (with TTL), so cannot comment on electric trigerring, but I have even never heard of any malfunction related to optical trigerring on Inon Z240. From what I know, these strobes are very reliable. As there is improved control over exposure in case of new YSD2 (plus some other features), I sold my Inon Z240 to uprade to YSD2. But after browsing through the internet I found out, there is many complaints about poor reliability of Sea&Sea YSD2. It usually relates to overheating when firing more than 10 times at high setting "in a row". I usually donĀ“t fire strobes at high setting 10 times in a row (as it is not even possible when using optical cables), but there were also other issues reported. New features are nice, but reliability comes first when going to an expensive diving trip, being engaged as UW photographer (taking photos of freediving champions for example).... I cannot afford any mulfanction in that case. So now I feel like selling my old but reliable Inon was maybe a mistake. Not sure whether to buy Sea&Sea YSD2 (as it features many improvements) or get back to old, but reliable Inon Z240. Many thanks for information / sharing experience with Sea&Sea YSD2.
  6. Hi, my name is Vaclav Krpelik and I am experienced UW and landscape photographer from the Czech Republic. I started with compact cameras in 2007 and moved to DSLR in 2010. I am freediver, so all my UW images are captured on a single breath (no scuba gear used). These days I organise photography workshops and expeditions for public, cooperate with some diving magazines and freediving champions, plus publish articles about photography on some Czech photography web sites. Many thanks for acceptance. Vaclav www.vaclavkrpelik.com
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