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  1. Thanks guys - great advice from both of you. I moving over to Cairns next month and my thoughts were if I am going to upgrade, do it now so I can sell my G12 set up here in NZ rather than lug it over there, and just get the new stuff sent to my brother in Sydney... I do like the idea of hiring a pro for some sessions - and maybe I should do the SSI specialty then I can add it to one I can teach! And, yeah Im leaning towards housing the SLR - have just sold my house and cashed up so figured I'd 'treat' myself. That decision kinda made, the 550D is older now obviously - although the shutter count wouldnt be too high I dont think. Maybe I just think screw it and upgrade the camera now too and then I spend the money on an expensive housing for the new camera, not one that is getting a bit old....Will have to look at the specs for the newer models and compare them I guess
  2. Hi All I currently have a Canon G12, with a FixG12 housing. It has a standard lens and a fisheye lens for the housing. It also has two Sea & Sea YS110a strobes (I bought second hand last year and given both camera and strobes are discontinued models Im picking they are fairly old. I also have a Panasonic Lumix FT6 without a housing, GoPro Hero4 Black for video, and also have an EOS 550D without a housing. Now, Ive been using this G12 setup about 6 months and can take some good photos, but I have the opportunity now to 'upgrade' my gear if I choose as some funds have become available. I have seen some awesome photos on the Facebook page taken on a G12 so I assume my sometimes lacklustre images is about my photography skills and not really understanding the settings properly more than the camera itself. But, i also know I can get better flexibility in settings and 18 MP (rather than 12 I think) if I was to get a housing for my EOS550D. The Go Pros are staying, and I think the Lumix is a stayer even just using for snorkelling. But what Im wondering, is whether I upgrade to a Canon G16 set up or bite the bullet and buy a housing for my EOS550D along with the necessary strobes etc (if I sell the G12 set up all inclusive). The EOS gives me more control over settings so that is a plus, and is the G16 similar to the Lumix FT6 in being a 'point and shoot' or it is a bit more flexible. Ive tried reading reviews and comparisons online by my eyes just keep glazing over with all the information lol Any thoughts appreciated Sue
  3. Hi Im Sue and Im a SSI OW instructor who has been diving for about 4 years. I love underwater photography and video - both taking my own and viewing others and travel for diving as much as possible Hoping to glean lots of information reading through these forums
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