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  1. That was kind of the thinking of moving up from the compact camera, to take advantage of manual settings not only in the camera but strobes as well. Thank you for the suggestions, i appreciate the assistance!
  2. I took into consideration the limited options for strobes when i purchased the housing. For what i paid for it the savings will cover the majority of the costs for strobes and sync cords. Having only used the TTL Sea and Sea strobes the electronic ones are a new area for me. Thank you for the suggestions.
  3. For the past few years i've been shooting with an Olympus TG series camera (first a TG-4, currently TG-6) and housing paired with 2 Sea and Sea YS-03 strobes via Fiber Optic cables. For the most part this setup has served me well and i've learned a lot about underwater photography using it however it's somewhat limiting as to what i can do. I decided earlier this year that i wanted to move up to a full frame camera so i can start taking advantage of manual settings and so on. I've done a bit of land based photography using a Canon Rebel SL1 however i took this as an opportunity to upgrade the camera for use above and below the surface. I've been slowly acquiring gear over the past few months and chose the Canon EOS R. I picked up an ikelite housing with dual handles, extenders and 8" dome port second hand for a great price and the next item to tackle is strobes which i'm a bit confused at. Based on my research (and correct me if i'm wrong) using my existing strobes is not an option due to the lack of TTL support from the housing and only a fiber interface not he strobes themselves. Outside of support for ikelite strobes, my options appear to be limited to Inon or Sea and Sea strobes with the electrical sync cord bulkhead and compatible sync cable for the housing. Assuming i'm correct, what would you recommend for strobes that are compatible? A little background, most of my underwater shooting is larger items such as sharks, turtles, reefscapes and wrecks. I have dabbled in some close up and Macro but not often. For the sake of compatibility and the reviews I've read i was looking into the ikelite DS-161 strobes but before pulling the trigger on anything i would love to hear some opinions of those more versed in this area than i. Thanks for any suggestions.
  4. Had to look it up in manual but No accessory options are selected. On a side note, if i select the accessory F2, my viewfinder shows similar to your image
  5. Sorry just saw your reply. Here is a quick photo from this morning zoomed all the way out
  6. I just received my M52 lens today. Im running a TG-6 with the Olympus housing. I haven't taken it underwater yet but i screwed on the lens, adjusted the hood and i have zero vignetting no matter which mode i am in.
  7. Im running a TG-6 with a pair of YS-03 strobes. I know they are lower end strobes but for the price I get pretty decent photos out of them.
  8. UWL-04 Fisheye conversion lens with neoprene front cover and rubber back coverUsed but cared for. There are a few blemishes on the hood. No blemishes I can see on the dome or glass. I'm the second owner and have only used for about 5 dives.$200 shipped in the US
  9. Got a chance to use my new TG-6 this past weekend and was very impressed with the performance. I'm a novice when it comes to underwater photography having only used a TG-4 before. My Setup: Kraken Hydra 2500 WRU Macro Video Light Sea & Sea YS-03 Strobe Kraken TR-06 Tray Setup Dove the Blue Heron Bridge for the first time and truly the first time i focused on any Macro Photography Closeup of Star Fish
  10. Great shots. Bucket list trip for me one of these days.
  11. I just purchased a subscription to Lightroom so being a complete noob i plan on using some of your tutorials to learn. Thanks!
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