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  1. Hi Harry, Any chance you could send a copy my way as well? I just go the d7100 with and Ikelite housing and am still trying to figure it out compeltely. Thanks
  2. Thanks, it gives issues on both manual and TTL. I think there is a loose connection somewhere as I consistently get black images when both strobe and housing are set to either. I usually shoot with my camera on manual mode. I think you are right it is probably the chord - hoping it is not actually the connectors. Thanks!
  3. Hi, I just got a Nikon d7100 with an Ikelite housing and a ds-160 strobe. So a newbie and might well be missing something obvious! I can't get the strobe to synch. In TTL, the strobe fires but not when the shutter is open so I get lots of dark pictures. In manual, every 5 strobe flashes and ~40-50 shots the two coincide and I get a lit picture. Is it the synch cord that is not working properly or do I need to set my camera to some special settings? Thanks! Giulia
  4. Hi, I'm Giulia and just upgraded to a dSLR housing with storbe! Exciting times ahead! Happy snapping & safe diving!
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