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  1. Yeah that was my issue, the coloring is soo different. Appreciate you passing it along for more info. Will be great to know
  2. I didn’t see any gills and I was thinking that as well, an Elysia, maybe different coloring for juvenile. Thanks for checking and appreciate any direction!
  3. Sadly no. Current and it being tiny, this was all I got.
  4. Found this tiny beauty in the midriff islands, sea of Cortez, and needing some help figuring out what it is. It’s about 1/4-1/2cm big. Thanks in advance!!
  5. Hello, I am interesting D80 housing, I from Taiwan, think you!

  6. I have a Nauticam D7100 housing for sale, serviced by Backscatter and has a Backscatter airlock. Housing is in very good condition. It will also fit a D7200. It's never been flooded and i'm the original owner. Email me if you are interested as I don't always get messages from this site.
  7. Drysuit price is reduced to $500 as will need new seals. please email me if interested.
  8. Men's DUI CLX450 drysuit, stock size XL. boots are a size 9. good condition. please email me as i often don't get notifications on messages on this forum.
  9. Housing still available for $1000. please email if interested.
  10. Nauticam housing that fits Nikon D7100 and D7200 camera. Housing is great shape and was just serviced at Backscatter. Housing also has a Backscatter airlock system. Housing has never been flooded and Im the original owner. Buyer would pay for shipping. Please email me with questions as I dont get notifications on posts for some reason. Camera body is also available upon request
  11. Housing and camera are still available if interested. please email me for questions!
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