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  1. ok got it. stupid notifications are not getting back to me and was gone the last couple days. so looks like i can probably do usps flat rate rate at about $20 and i'll email you the email for my paypal. thanks M
  2. Hey joe please send me an email
  3. Great Joe, do you want also the sync cords? let me double check about the diffusers but i'm sure they are tie wrapped on to the strobes for safe keeping paypal will be fine. let me check my account email for it and i'll get back to you tonight. you are based out of NY? i'll check shipping too and let you know. preference on shipping method? Michelle
  4. so sorry for the delay in responding! not sure what is up with my notification settings but i'm sure its user error on my part. the strobes are still available as well as 3 sync cords. strobes still in great working condition and sync cords as well $50 per sync cord and $300 for the both strobes. I am based in California in Santa Cruz area. let me know if you are still interested in either item thanks again. Michelle
  5. sold the dual sync cord and also a single cord as well. I have 3 single sync cords left. Michelle
  6. Hi, Sorry I didn't get a notification you replied. So I have YS120's x 2 for sale and the zoom gear for a tokina 10-17. not sure if fits other, but we can check around. Michelle
  7. Sea & Sea D80 housing with Nikon D80 camera body for sale. Great starter housing. Also have strobes and zoom gear so all that is needed to get rolling is a camera lens, arms, and dome.
  8. Hi I have a Sea & Sea TTL converter for sale. Hardly used. In great shape.
  9. Hi, I have two YS120 strobes for sale. They work great. Outside case is used but the function of the strobe is totally fine. I also have 4 single sync cords and one dual sync cord. they can go as a package or separately.
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