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  1. Hi Steen, I know this post is 2 year old but I am now looking at buying a housing for a D7200. Did you eventually buy the Hugyfot? Could you give me your feedback please. I would appreciate it. Thanks!
  2. Hi Orca, your advice is sound but I live on a small island. Even holding the Hugyfot would mean taking a plane... So indeed I will not get the chance of testing/holding the different housings, which is why I rely on the feedback in this group :-). Thanks Wolf Eel for your input!
  3. Now that I've made the decision to buy the D7200 I'm wondering which housing to go for... Hesitating between Hugyfot (supplier is not far), Aquatica (seems to have good reviews) and Seacam (only because I already have the domes for it... but no idea of the price... probably too expensive). Any recommendations would be appreciated ;-). Thanks
  4. Decision taken after a lot of research... I'll go with the D7200. It should be a nice upgrade from D300s but an affordable option still... Just need to look at the housing now ;-).
  5. Thank you all for your feedback! Although I enjoy Seacam, from a cost point of view I will move away from the brand... I have a 60mm and 10.5mm. I would rather invest in a Tokina 10-17 and have a more affordable housing. Still debating about the camera but I guess when I run the figures I should get a clear answer... I may come back to you soon :-). Enjoy the weekend!
  6. Hi all! I've been shooting with a D300s and Seacam housing for a few years. I recently bought 2 INON Z240 strobes to replace my SB800 strobe but find it difficult to adapt to manual flash and the seacam housing won't allow 2 strobes to run TTL (only one, and it cannot take fiber optical cable). Now, I'm looking at changing configuration in order to shoot TTL and why not, an upgrade to the D300s? I've a lot of good things about the D810 but it remains a costly upgrade... I've been offered to look at the D7200. Is there a huge difference between the two above options? Is the D7200 considerably better than the D300s? Thank you for your advice!
  7. Hi, I'm Vanessa from Mauritius. Started off UW photography with a Sealife, G12 and currently shooting with a D300s. Maybe looking at an upgrade ;-). I look forward to reading, exchanging and sharing, learning from others here.
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