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  1. FINAL PRICE DECREASE: package without the additional telephoto lens is now available for $850. I'm surprised there's not more interest in this setup, it's a great starter DSLR with two ports, multiple lenses, and great for macro or wide angle.
  2. PRICE REDUCTION: package without the additional telephoto lens is now available for $1000. This is a DEAL. Housing with TWO ports for macro and wide angle, DSLR camera, and THREE lenses! It's a complete starter set!
  3. For Sale: In "AS-IS/USED" Condition- 2 Ikelite DS 125 Strobes and Sync Cables Both turn on in the Test mode as shown in the photos. Included is one single sync cable, and one Y-shaped sync cable to connect the Ikelite strobes to a bulkhead. Batteries for both are functioning, and I have the chargers for both. I purchased these used off E-bay a few years back and upgraded my system so am looking to let go of these. I also have a few spare o-rings for the sync cords that I will throw in as well. Will sell for $200 or best offer, I will pay shipping, to be paid by PayPal only. US Shipping only.
  4. For sale- all items are: “As-In/Used” condition. I purchased this camera and housing used on these classifieds about three years ago and it has been a great starter DSLR for me to learn shooting in manual on. I have just upgraded to a larger/newer system and need to make some space by selling this. I have added on some additional lenses from when I purchased it, to suit my needs. I also have the telephoto zoom lens that was great for topside photography that I will include for an additional $125 if interested. The original owner added a moisture detection system for the housing that works well. The moisture detection system is at the bottom of the housing and will have a red light flash at the top of the housing if there is any leak. I did have to send the Ikelite housing off for repair one time, as there was a small leak where the ports were attached. It was a simple and inexpensive fix. Ikelite service is awesome. I never had another issue after that time and have dove with this system many times. I have the original boxes for the camera and for the lenses. I have some extra O-rings for the ports and the main housing that I’ll include as well. I have the manual for the housing, but not the original packaging. For now, I am selling it all as one package, not individual pieces. Shipping within the US only. I will pay shipping and will accept only Paypal as payment for the package. Photos are in the listing to show the camera, the lenses, the two ports, the dual arm tray, and the housing. Components: Canon Eos Rebel 100D/SLR DSLR Camera body ($259 used), battery charger and 3 working batteries. Ikelite Housing ($1,199 new) Dual Quick Release Arm Tray ($130 new) Ikelite Flat Port ($250 new) Ikelite Dome Port ($350 new) Canon EFS 10-18mm f4.5-5.6 IS STM wide angle lens ($250 new) Canon EFS 60mm f/2.8Macro USM lens ($399 new) Canon EFS 18-55mm f3.5-5.6 IS STM lens ($85 new) ***Canon EF 75-300mm f4-5.6 III telephoto lens (for topside photography)*** selling in addition to the listed package. ($199 new) Total value of the package if new $2,922 Will sell entire package for $1,200 (shipping included- US ONLY), or $1,325 with the additional telephoto lens. Please let me know if you have any questions about the gear.
  5. Hi! I am very interested in this setup. Could you tell me if it's possible to add on a second arm to this tray so that two strobes, or a strobe and a focus light can be used? I know you say you are upgrading to a Canon 5D Mark III, but did you find that this setup took pretty sharp images? I am not quite to the point of wanting a Canon 5D Mark III, but I shoot with an Olympus Pen E-PL5 currently and am wanting to upgrade from that. Actually, my husband and I want to each have a camera underwater that is set up for different goals- one set up for macro, and the other for wide angle, so that we don't find ourselves in that unfortunate spot of shooting tiny critters when an amazing ray or shark appears and we can't capture anything decent. I like that this camera is smaller, because the large setups really don't work well for me (I have small hands and struggle to reach the shutter on large housings). Thanks for any additional info. You can reply by email to laurabraundvm@gmail.com when you get a chance. Thanks! Laura
  6. Is the housing and camera body still available? You can email me at laurabraundvm@gmail.com. Thanks!
  7. Hi, I am new to Wetpixel and looking to purchase different camera gear from the classifieds section!
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