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  1. https://www.backscatter.com/reviews/post/Blackmagic-Pocket-Cinema-Camera-4K-BMPCC4K-Underwater-Cinema-Camera-Review?fbclid=IwAR1Q3lqRtx2vlWgXnfHHOpnJDawxZeXWv9g2PI0fgmARWUjqym-C04l9ba0 Here is a review and some blue clear water footage. Despite the 13 stops of dynamic range some highlights are still blown out and there is still purple water in some shots. IMHO nothing that cant be achieved from other cameras at the moment.
  2. Cool video, surface shots are nicely done. Unfortunately the type of underwater shots in this video dont allow any conclusions about how the BMPCC4K performs underwater. Still waiting for something shot in nice blue water with lots of color contrast etc.
  3. You can transform it to REC 709 using a LUT or color space transform node in Davinci Resolve. Thats the best option if you want to work with it and dont have an HLG monitor. To be honest if you just throw the footage to a REC709 timeline and the footage doesn't need drastic changes (the profile is not designed for that anyway) it will be fine for 99% of the viewers. If your shots are all balanced light shots it works fine. Remember that HLG is designed to have backwards compatibility with SDR.
  4. HLG has very good highlights recovery and its much more user friendly than VLOG L.
  5. A video by the behind the mask guys on the subject. Informative, but nothing new really, too much emphasis on Keldan (expected), not presenting the disadvantages of filters. Good for a slow morning in the office.
  6. Ok Davide, it is what it says in his video description that is why i said so.
  7. Davide, I think he uses GH5S not GH5. The S is much better in the conditions he is shooting so I dont know if he would have the same result shooting the normal GH5
  8. Nicely done! Highlight roll off in some shots is clipping but that might be the youtube compression. What picture profile did you use?
  9. So at least for the deep clips it is the auto white balance that changes the hue. The shallow clips are affected by the direction of the sunlight. Thanks for the answers! They are the same hue as the magic filters. I got the original magic filters and then did some research and found the same hues (blue and green water) in Lee filters. I attach them between the WWL1 and flat port. Oman (Musandam) this time of year is blue green based on past experience.
  10. I wasn't clear enough sorry. Look how the colour changes from the frame at 0:36 to the frame 0:37. These are both shot using no filters and only the lights without ambient filters if I got it right. But the hue of the blue colour changes so its either in post or different settings in camera? Second part look at the frame on 2:39 and the frame at the end of 2:40 and beyond. These are no filters no lights and custom white balance? Did you custom white balance before shooting each of the scenes or did one at this depth range and used this one? Sorry for the many questions just trying to understand. I ll be on a 3 day trip this weekend on the North of Oman, water there is blue green this time of year so if you want me to run any tests let me know. I don't have ambient filters for the lights but I do have green and blue water filters that I can stick to the lens even during the same dive.
  11. Good write up. FYI Divepro now has blue and green filters for their lights for whoever wants to use them. Quick question, on the Tarifa video there is big difference on the hue of blue color (despite the shots being shot at the same depth range with the same method) eg some shots on the deeper part of the video and some shots in the shallows in the end. Any idea why?
  12. https://vimeo.com/349767777 GH5S and Ninja V
  13. Could not agree more. So in my mind the way i interpret it is: too much trouble for questionable or marginal better results. Now if you add on the light filters then its even more trouble. But that is me, others have their opinion.
  14. Agreed and my mistake for using the word "hype". I should have used the word "trend". Apologies English are not my native language. Agreed we are all after the same end result. What I am trying to say is that whatever benefit you get from the filters is lost if you think about their overall cost, overall limitations and the added complication of putting them on and off. Now if you know that you will spend the dive at a specific location, a specific time, at specific depth etc etc etc then yes. But how many dives like that is the general diving/filming population does? .30 to .37 is strange, its blue around the fishes and green in the area the fishes are. Cant understand it especially since it is not corrected. Anyway looking forward to the trip and the beers.
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