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  1. Would you consider separating the camera and the monitor systems?
  2. Anybody selling an Atomos Ninja 2 monitor? Looking for monitor only as I have the housing but dropped and destroyed the monitor Thanks
  3. Their reply: "I am afraid the decklink mini monitor does not support HDR HLG flag over HDMI. You will have to look at the new Ultrastuio 4k Mini instead. https://www.blackmagicdesign.com/uk/products/ultrastudio/techspecs/W-DLUS-11 Alternatively you can have a look at the Ultrastudio Extreme 3, or internal PCIe card such as the Decklink Extreme 4K 12G. However the Ultrastudio 4K mini is certainly more affordable."
  4. FYI their new Ultrastudio 4k does support it according to the communication I had with them. So it is an option albeit not a cheap one
  5. Just to make it clear, autofocus works underwater continuous autofocus is miss and hit as it is on land on the GH5. VFR is manual focus only on GH5
  6. What Interceptor said, deep & no lights it doesn't matter if you use RAW or any other format or codec. The information (color) is not there anyway.
  7. Didn't know that hitting a like button is better than saying thank you...
  8. Agreed, if the other tv is not calbrated to the same specs it will look different. That is a known headache even for the big production studios. Like I said if you are a professional you have to invest in the tools you need. If you are not it doesnt matter, just calibrate your tv and for that your footage will look as you want it to look in that particular tv. We still dont have the knowledge to properly use this technology (by we I mean us amateurs and even most professionals). Its very new so yes the safe way to go is Rec709 but experimenting and learning is not bad
  9. Get your color (important) right and your exposure right (more room to adjust than with color) and you are good with HLG. Shoot it, do small changes in an NLE that supports it (don't they all?) and play it on your TV. That is what it was designed for. Use it for what it was intended to do and it works. Monitors: If you are a professional buy the tool, if not calibrate your TV and you are good. If you will be delivering in SDR why bother anyway. It works fine on Resolve. Output through a BM card to your HLG capable tv and you are good to go. At least on MAC. Happy HDRing
  10. Malta is not Eastern Med try Greece or Turkey you ll find the true blue you want. Sorry for the off topic Laval
  11. And it doesnt require a V90 card I rarely if ever do macro but still a monitor is usefull for many reasons. I do have a housing for it.
  12. I have an old Ninja 2 that I use so I can test between them 24 fps All Intra and 24 fps prores. If I buy a new one then it will be a monitor only and not a monitor recorder and that is even before this discussion.
  13. Will need to play with it. and test also between Panasonic All intra and Prores through monitor at same fps
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