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  1. Well its subjective but in some scenes I prefer the color contrast created with just custom white balance on the lights. I ve just started using ambient filters but my first impression is that the image comes back a bit flat (no color contrast).
  2. I meant without filters on the lights to see the difference.
  3. Nice skin tones indeed! Too bad that usually divers are covered head to toe with black suits :)))))))
  4. Agreed! Thanks for the update Andrei! Also on the first pictures there is quite some noise in the blues? or it is just my idea? Where you using a red filter on the lens or just a CWB? Would be interesting to see the results with a red camera / blue lights filter combination but also when the WB is set on the color temperature of the lights without any filters.
  5. I have to agree with Interceptor on this one when it comes to testing. Any meaningful comparative result can only be made under the same conditions. That means you all the cameras with you on the same dive and you shoot on the exact same conditions otherwise is not objective. But I agree with dreifish that Sony has moved a lot in terms of white balancing underwater. That being said I am pretty happy with the GH5s and the result are comparable to an A7s3
  6. We are on the same boat here Thani, but it is highly unlikely. First you would need another recorder to capture BRAW the Ninja wont do it. Then Resolve doesn't look likely to support Prores Raw in the near future. FCPX is really an amateur software when it comes to color grading compared to Resolve and Resolve upgrades have made it a very capable all in one solution. For the time being the only solution seems to be doing the initial adjustment on the Prores RAW file to one of the apps that support it (FCPX or Scratch) and then export a Prores 4444 file to work with in Resolve. Not the most efficient solution but does the job.
  7. They most probably haven't tried to do it while carrying a scooter and 3 stages :))) But it's a good exercise to kill time in deco Davide
  8. The GH5s Prores raw update seems the most interesting to me. GH5mkII i don't see a real value for people doing mostly video to upgrade. Gh6 I would rather wait to see the final product and then decide whether it is worth it or not. At the moment I just ordered a Gh5s. Having a ninja V already made it a somehow easy (-er) decision. I am very curious to see the difference between the GH5 mkI and GH5s shooting the same scene the same day initially on Panasonic all-i codec.
  9. Slightly off topic but what f-stop did you use on these shots? Many of them are really soft on the corners and trying to understand whether it is that the lights are not strong enough and so you had to open the aperture or it is camera/lens/dome issue. Thanks
  10. I might be a bit absolute but... you pay peanuts you get monkeys I have a pair of Divepro 18K and a pair of Keldan 4 the 7k lumen edition. The Divepro are nowhere near the Keldans in terms of usability, construction quality, and light quality. We all tend to focus on light output ignoring the fact that power is nothing without control. The divepro one button system is practically useless and offers only 3 modes Off, full power, 50 percent. Yes they do have a punch on full power but light quality is nothing like the Keldan. The edges are harsh and the lighting looks unnatural compared to the gradual drop off and soft light of the Keldans. The construction quality is day and night. The o-rings on the Divepros are so thin and fragile that you really have to be careful every time you remove or install the battery, same goes with the threads in the battery body and the light-head you really must be careful anytime you install the battery. Keldans on the other hand are made to last. I ve dropped them down several times and had no problem at all. I ended up using the Dive pro as offboard lights handing them over to a light diver or putting them on Joby Gorilla pod tripods. Spending mega $$$ on camera, lenses, housings, water optics/domes and then try to save on the most important element is in my opinion not the best tactic. And as R4E said deco is very boring to spend it looking at badly lighted shots :)))
  11. Behind the mask / you tube vlog style. Catchy...nice for a trailer to draw attention... not my favorite though. The other video is much better the game between light and shadow and the lights placement are excellent and for sure took time and effort to plan and execute. Kudos for that. And definitely desaturated in post, caves don't look like that through a camera.
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