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  1. Crotch or butt d-ring are not a viable option because then the camera hangs below/behind you with no control. Crotch d-ring can be a temporary storing option if you are not using a dpv and you are midwater but again not really the best place. Options are left shoulder d-ring (can be problematic if you are carrying more deco stages and have to do gas switches or move tanks) or right shoulder d-ring. If you are trained in longhose management then there is no problem in deployment while having a camera there, you just have to make sure that the camera lanyard is long enough to allow you to push the camera under your arm but not too long to allow the camera to move around too much. In the picture you can see what I use. Gives me plenty of options to handle the camera. Happy to explain more if you want.
  2. Whatever you do make sure you get trained on how to manage the longhose. I recently had the experience of watching two divers using a longhose to share gas (one of them was low on gas) without knowing how to properly use it and it was not a nice sight. Take a fundamentals class it will transform your diving no matter what stage you are in your diving. You can do a fundamentals part 1 course which is more about personal skills (trim, buoyancy, equipment set up, longhose management etc) and then decide for yourself if you want to continue and complete it by taking part 2. Most people I know do continue in the end. Your benefits from the course will be far more than just managing the longhose. Fine tuning your trim, buoyancy and propulsion will offer a lot in you video/photo game as well. PS: No, the picture is not how you properly manage a longhose
  3. For anyone interested the Nauticam housing for the Atomos Shinobi monitor is now avalaible.
  4. Thats is strange. Anyway here is a link with photos https://1drv.ms/u/s!AumJI_6jIwvKxHOw-dQVpAM3ApH4?e=bNqSMA
  5. And Nauticam is bringing out a housing for the Shinobi. I dont know how much sense it makes compared to the Ninja V though.
  6. For sale a Nauticam Atomos Ninja 2 housing. Recently serviced by Nauticam and HDMI cable replaced with new one. In excellent condition. 800 Euros ONO Item located in Dubai UAE but can ship worldwide on buyers expense. Pictures available on request
  7. I ll sent to you but it is nothing special. Basic adjustments plus NR and a quick sharpening.
  8. So my thoughts so far... 1. You cant beat physics no matter what codec you use. If you have no lights and you are deep you have no colors. 2. Artificially trying to bring colors back with the use of filters does not work if you are deep. Soonest you try to bring out that red you think is there you bringing out ugly artifacts. Again regardless of codec. 3. BRAW is not a magic bullet. Yes it gives you room to play, more room than other 8 bit files, compared to a solid 10bit 422 codec (Prores, Prores HQ, Panasonic ALL I) I dont know if you get any advantage. The highlights roll off is very good though. (I dont know if it the camera or the codec but it is good). You still have to take care of exposure though. 4. The time spent working on BRAW and the correction nodes/layers needed to grade it is way more compared to Prores or PANA ALL i. Same goes with the editing. Any flavor of Prores or PANA ALL i I can edit and play on my Mac without the need to convert to optimised media/proxies. With BRAW I couldn't. So you need more hard drive space and more importantly time to create proxies, edit etc. 5. Like everything you need time to unlock its full potential, so most probably there might be more to take out of the camera and the grading. Below is a very quick grade with standard youtube export settings on resolve. I could do more most probably but didnt have the time, maybe a MK2 version later. Thanks again Glasshouse for the footage!
  9. Thank you very much Glasshouse I will have a play with them
  10. Thanks a lot, wide angle would be good as it is where you need to push more. Macro is easier to grade as you have plenty of light and color from the lights.
  11. Anyone using BMPCC4K underwater and would like to share some clips? Trying to compare how they hold grading compared to Prores and Panasonic 10bit All-i Thanks
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