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  1. John I really cant understand your priorities here. You are looking for a camera that does very well in low light conditions and its really small? That is my understanding so far. If that is what you are interested in and nothing else matters because for some reason you cant go around with a camera bag, then get a gopro and a very good noise reduction software. The image will be bad anyway if you are shooting dark/deep with no lights. I travel with my complete GH5 rig including lights and WWL1 lens in the case that Nauticam use to ship their housing. Only the float arms go to checked luggage. Anyway for the shake of discussion, ISO 12800, many cameras get clean image at this ISO these days. The Fp sensor is the same one used on the S1/H as Interceptor has already said. I dont know what kind of scenes you shoot but in dark underwater environments if you dont use lights you are pretty much done. Where dark you can also consider deep. I shoot in deep water, inside wrecks, inside caves and I dont think I would have any kind of usable image without lights no matter how good the camera sensor would be. REC 2020, agreed it is coming quicker and quicker and if you want to be future proof then for sure you want something that covers more than REC709. Now enter log format and you got a wider color space. You dont have to have RAW to have a wide gamut color space. RAW advantage is mostly in color manipulation and WB and to a less extent (compared to stills) to highlight recovery. Depth of field, no matter how good the lens is if the subject is not focused then... you get the idea. I dont know how easy it will be to completely manually focus on the small screen of the camera. Does the Fp have focus peaking? How well it is implemented? Nothing to say about Pawel, his work speaks of himself. But do not compare professional film productions with amateur productions. We are putting ergonomics in completely different end of the scale. Stability is key. You can have the best image quality in the world if the shot is shaky its rejected. For me ergonomics are very important, diving deep where every minute counts is not the place to have a camera with no good ergonomics or gives you limited options to configure it in a way that works for you and your shooting workflow. Sorry DNG is not the gold standard by any means, it is just an adobe attempt to have something that works well with their software. I am not saying it is bad (though it has its flaws) but it is not the gold standard. Not easy to reply to your question on what else is out there, because your required specifications (4k,6k small form factor, 12bit raw, Nikonos) seem to paint the specific camera. So I guess this is your best option. I chose my camera based on which system fitted my requirements best at the budget I had. I am afraid I am missing something on what China has done to us.
  2. Full frame sensor (not the best option for shooting video underwater at the consumer or prosumer level), no IBIS, small size, small monitor, limited options in terms of button customization, battery life, limited lens, ports, housing options, ergonomics. Trade all these for what? 24K DNG raw and Rec 2020? (which you ll have to invest time and money to be able to fully exploit) Not a good option IMHO or might be an option but for very specific things. If you have money and time to spend wait for Canon R5 (if the specs come true), or go for a cinema camera (Canon, Panasonic) or the DX mk III. My 2 dirhams
  3. I dont know the weight of the Hugyfot underwater but it seems you will nee more lift. You can move the top floating arm on the rear of the camera using the side tripod balls. If needed you can add weights to your dome to balance it. Another advantage that I found having the monitor on the top is that you can slightly tilt it and adjust camera trim.
  4. Davide if you mirror the camera display this will be also recorded if we are talking about a monitor recorder so you have to turn on/off not practical. My experience with the monitor on the rear tripod ball is the same, you have to move it to change settings on the camera so again for me not practical. When scootering you are not really going full speed while camera is rolling so having it on top is not really an issue. For traveling between areas where you go fast I just lay the monitor down and it is fine.
  5. Obviously the title choice goes with the particular video. Black and white are still colors. And in my eyes it is a much more artistic creative choice compared to unnatural vivid colors, slow mo and glitch effects. But that is subjective.
  6. as can be clearly seen in this video by or co-member Davide DB. Color is not there but the cinematography, editing and music score are conveying the message so well that a color version might not have worked so well. Davide this one should be shown in courses. Respect my friend.
  7. Both are HDR capable. Vlog will give you more delivery options and more grading options. HLG is "quicker" to output. You will also need a Blackmagic ultrastudio monitor or similar to output a clean signal to your monitor (otherwise the output is color managed by your graphics card), that being said nothing stopping you to experiment. Set your scopes to HDR mode within resolve and properly set the color space of your input, timeline and output and have fun.
  8. Might be an interesting idea to meet and dive the same spot Thani and comparing the GH5 and GH5s image under the same conditions and same scenes. When diving opens up again in the area.
  9. Nope, another one here
  10. Inchcape it is I just made a typo
  11. Inchape Its amazing how the GH5s works in terms of noise and color compared to the GH5.
  12. Hi Laval, I have seen the sdr version of the footage and I think you are pushing the files too much and they just "collapse". You are trying to bring out colors that are not captured the way you want them or not captured at all. The result is ugly chroma noise (lots of it in the blues), loss of texture in reds etc. My 2 cents forget HLG and log with 8 bit files and a small sensor camera. Try simpler things and stop custom white balancing if you are deeper than 6 meters (maybe 9 in very clear blue waters), Go close and WB on your lights if not using lights just accept that the footage will be blue or green. I will later try to watch the HDR on my tv as well
  13. So these are HLG to SDR rec 709?
  14. Sorry for hijacking the thread. Interceptor Does it work with the quick disconnect system as well? Tried it?
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