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  1. Hi Wetpixans, Selling away personal Sony A6300 U/W set-up with the following; Sony A6300 Camera (with a spare battery) Sony 90mm Macro Lens Sony 16mm Fisheye Pancake Lens Sony 16-70mm Zoom Lens Nauticam A6300 Housing Nauticam Dome Port for 90mm Macro Nauticam Wide Angle Port for 16mm Fisheye Nauticam Wide Angle & Zoom Port for 16/70mm Lens Nauticam SMC-1 Super Macro Converter w/Flip up Sea & Sea YS-D2 Strobes x 2 Snoot Flip Pro for Sea & Sea YS-D2 x 1 Clamps x 7 Buoyancy Floats x 2 Arms x 2 Bought most of the gears back in 2016/17 period worth about US$7,500 - 7,800 when added up. Total dive about 30-40 with no leaks, issues or failures on anything. SELLING FOR 50% (1/2 OF NEW REPLACEMENT PRICE) - US$3,750 (PS> not selling items individually) Located in Singapore, will accept PayPal WhatsApps to chat if you wish by texting +65-91191872 Thank You in Advance!
  2. Hi Wolfgang Manual strobe - playing with all the dials to control flash output Camera - 100 iso, F8 mostly and Shuttle between just 80-160 Firing through the fiber optics cable to the two YS-D2 I have heard a lot about using dive light in place of strobe which avoided the recycle time of the A6300 flash. Is this the way going forward now?
  3. Novice Questions Seeking Advice; A have 2 x YS-DS Strobes from Sea&Sea with a Nauticam A6300 housing. Just bought it weeks ago and took it to Bali for macro shots (using Sony 90mm) but the results was not good. I use Manual flash all the way. Is it possible to use TTL setting for these strobes to get a better accurate exposure all the time and just set the Exposure and Shutter Speed to compensate? Any kind advice appreciated in advance!
  5. Hi WetPixelers' I have a very seldom use Sony NEX-7 with Nauticam housing. I shall let the photos do most the talking here but here's a general summary of what's up for sale. Most of the gears and lens are either used once or twice only due to the limited time i have for diving because of a recent knee surgery. All the equipments, camera, housing, flash, lenses and ports are in excellent conditions. NEX-7 CAMERA BODY NAUTICAM NEX-7 HOUSING NAUTICAM DUAL-HANDLE ARM TRAY CAMERA BATTERY x 2 WITH CHARGER 30MM MACRO LENS 16MM WIDE ANGLE LENS w/FISHEYE CONVERTER 18-55MM LENS 55-210MM TELEPHOTO LENS SEA&SEA YS-D1 STROBE FIBER-OPTICS CABLE FROM STROBE TO CAMERA HOUSING NAUTICAM 45 DEGREES ANGLE VIEW FINDER NAUTICAM PORT FOR 30MM MACRO NAUTICAM PORT FOR WIDE ANGLE LENS NAUTICAM PORT FOR 18-55MM LENS w/FOCUS GEAR NAUTICAM PORT FOR NEW SONY 90MM MACRO LENS (i do not have the 90mm lens) SUBSEE 10X MAGNIFIER WET-LENS ARMS AND OTHER ACCESSORIES AS CAN BE SEEN ON THE PHOTO HERE I estimated the total cost as new is well over US$7,500 or SGP$10,000. You can add up the costing yourself to conclude and concurred with this amount i stated. I am looking for a quick sale for just US$3,500 or SGP$4,600 I can accept Paypal or credit card payment I can organise a viewing and inspection of the gears here in Singapore I do not wish to sell individual items but as a complete set only Thank You in Advance Eric email: eric_koh@asia.com mobile +65 91191872
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