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  1. Hi Rick, how are you? I am an economist, I am moving to Brazil in September 2021. I am keen to get involved in marine conservation projects. I have published books in Mozambique and Tanzania and created a non-profit www.marinemarketsystems.org - I am more looking to have personal connections and bring my use of photographic skills for conservation objectives. I hope we can dive together when I am in Brazil? www.crudeli.it is my feed. Best.


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      Hi Luca

      I'm not sure if you intend this, but the messages you are sending can be seen by everyone.

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  2. Hello, do you still have this adapter? https://www.backscatter.com/Nauticam-N120-Adapter-for-Aquatica-Ports-with-Lock it's that? Thank you?
  3. Hello, do you still have the camera and housing?
  4. Hi, I'm writing to you from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. I am interested in buying your camera + housing set. I would have a friend from the USA who could bring the equipment for me. I would like to know more details about how much the freight would be from Canada to the USA, and if it is possible to send the equipment to the USA. I have an NGO here in Rio de Janeiro, www.institutomarurbano.com.br. Can you send me a whatsapp? +55 21 991857399. Thank you very much. This is our Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/institutomarurbano/
  5. Hello, my name is Ricardo Gomes, I am a marine biologist and I have been filming the bottom of the sea in Rio de Janeiro for over 20 years. Now we have a project to protect the endangered rays from our coast. We have an NGO, Instituto Mar Urbano (www.institutomarurbano.com.br & @institutomarurbano). I need to find a waterhousing for a GH4 or Gh5. Thank you!
  6. Hi! You still have the camera en Housing?
  7. Hello Josh, sorry for the delay in responding. I thought I would get a warning when you answer me. I'm in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Can you calculate how much it would cost Fedex to send me the equipment?
  8. Hi! I'm Marine biologist graduated from UFRJ (Federal University of Rio de Janeiro), photographer, cameraman, producer and director. I live in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and specialize in filming our rich marine biodiversity in Guanabara Bay. ( https://conexaoplaneta.com.br/blog/depois-de-quase-tres-meses-de-quarentena-o-biologo-e-documentarista-ricardo-gomes-mergulha-na-baia-de-guanabara-e-flagra-especies-raras/?fbclid=IwAR0FTDQSdqfqOZxO4Ei43YoWBeSB786OuCSDIg8qwpnqIG7Qs0x0reE5neU) I have an NGO that works with the conservation of marine life: www.institutomarurbano.com.br Best regards, Ricardo
  9. HI! You still have the Aquatica port extension: $ 185 and the zoom gear for the Canon 8-15 fisheye: $ 95?
  10. Hello Vance. I'm interested. You still have the housing? Thank You Rick
  11. Hi Tim, you still want the housing? I have a Aquatech for 5D MK3 and 2 ports, 15mm ( and extention for use with the 17-40) and 85mm Best regards Ricardo
  12. Hi! You still have the housing and ports?
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