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  1. Hi all... Thanks for all the info in this thread. I finally decided to go as well with A7R II + FE 28mm + WWL-1 setup. Will post pictures once available. Thanks
  2. Hi. This is taken at Una-una island, togean islands, north celebes Indonesia. Right in front of Una-una Sanctum Dive Resort earlier this year (2016). Gear used: - Sony a6300 - nauticam housing - PZ 16-50mm kit lens - Nautical WWL-1 wet wide lens - S&S YS-D2 Strobe x2 Any feedback are welcome. Thanks Sent from my MIX using Tapatalk
  3. Hi all, i have been into the hobby of taking pics underwater for 1.5 years using olympus TG-4... Recently upgraded to mirrorless camera sony a6300 with nauticam housing + cmc-1 macro wet lens + wwl-1 wet wide lens, which in total become very heavy. I tried 1 set (4pcs) of stix jumbo float on the last trip, and it was still heavy underwater. Then I decided to add 2 more sets of jumbo stix floats. The rig looks like this: ""https://www.instagram.com/p/BHN_zvNgaQe/" Am going to test it this weekend. Any inputs or recommendation to improve the setup will be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  4. My rig setup curently use jumbo stix floats, 3 on each 8in nauticam arm x4. Total 12 jumbo stix floats (3 full set) Gonna try this new setup this coming weekend.
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