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  1. Hi, I've to sell: - Subal MINIFLEX - CE50 housing, created for Canon Eos 50 but good for a custom DSLR retrofit (for example can fit D90, D5x00, D7x00) - Dome port fish-eye 6" (with cover), there are two small scratches of about 1cm and two smaller one's of 3-4mm (see photos) - Extension ring - Humidity sensor and o-ring grease That gear was for my personal retrofit project with a D90, but I never had the time to complete it and at now I no need anymore to do underwater photography. Since I'm relocating to a new house I need space and I'm selling unused stuff, for that reason I've little time to do multiple shipments and strongly prefer to sell all together. I'm from Italy but I've no problem to ship overseas. I'm asking for 300€ for all, I'm aware that most of wetpixel user are from US, I've set a pretty low price (I think!) so eventually you can save something for the shipping cost. If you need more info or photos feel free to ask! Andrea
  2. Hi all, I've decided to sell my old gears since I switched to mirrorless cameras, this is a complete kit with housing, dome port, extension ring and accessories. - Subal housing Miniflex CE50 for Canon EOS 50, good for a retrofit with Nikon D90 or similar DSRL. With humidity sensor and a o-ring grease tube - Dome port fish-eye 6" with cover, there are two minor scratch about 1cm and two very light scratch of 3-4mm (see photo) otherwise in very good condition + extension ring + focus gear 71mm Price: 320€ I'm from Italy and I ship worldwide so shipping price will be calculated case by case Feel free to ask question or other photos
  3. Hi all, I'm Andrea from Italy, I'v started a couple of year ago by taking semi-submerged shots during stand up paddle races with a retrofitted subal and dome port. It was fun and this year I would like to make some step ahead in term of gear and be present at the races event near me
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