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  1. Are many people on this forum involved in this professionally? Or mostly just as hobbyists?
  2. Hi, I am licensing some footage shot by small business to another agency, and they have a form for me to sign. All looks good but I take issue with one part here and wanted to check in. I don't need serious legal lawyer advice and want to flip this around ASAP, but if anyone with some experience here could provide some quick non-legal insight or advice: "I, the undersigned, grant to [Their Client] (“Owner”) and [AGENCY] the right todistribute, transmit, publish, copy or otherwise exploit, either in whole or in part, for nonexclusive usage the video and / or audio footage listed in this document. Usage may include internal, PR, online, retail, non-broadcast, and new media usage and will include global usage in perpetuity. I agree that I have the right to grant usage of this footage." Questions: What is "new media usage" - this seems to indicate to me that I am granting the agency the right to reuse this footage in future edits for new clients, which I do not want to grant. From my experience, what is standard practice is to license the footage for a single client, single project. I was also concerned about it listening their client as "the owner" of the footage instead of the licensee. Thinking of rewording to "licensee" and removing new media usage with a line clarifying for "use on [PROJECT NAME]" and that my business remains the "owner" of the footage and the grantor. Usually I have people sign my own form, I don't mind signing this and this is not a huge deal or concern to me on the footage but I do want to make sure I use the correct wording more in line with what is done on Pond5 or Shutterstock. Any quick thoughts or help here? Thank you!
  3. New to the boards AND to diving. As a professional freelance cinematographer and burgeoning diving enthusiast, I am asking the obvious question: should I expand my freelance services into underwater video? Anyone have any professional experience, advice, or info on this? I am wondering how crowded the field is for a freelancer, and how many jobs may actually be available? And, what sort of jobs they usually are (rec diving VS tech diving, etc.) It sounds like the GoPro has largely hurt this industry, but I am wondering if there is still much (or any) work left in it? I would not be relying on it as a career, rather an expansion of my own already existing services. Even $15k a year worth of gigs could be enough to justify involvement... but I am wondering if even that is feasible? This isn't an immediate thing for me - I know I am going to need a great deal more dive experience first until I would look into this. But when that time comes, I am wondering the process to get plugged into the industry and what I might expect, any steps I can take in the meantime to prepare (if it is even worthwhile)? Thank you!
  4. Hi all - new to scuba, but work professionally in video production. Living in the PNW!
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