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  1. I´ve read the first 30 pages now and even though I´m still in the introduction I can say this is an awesome book! For me as a brutal beginner, who hasn´t had one dive with my camera gear, just snorkeling around trying to do some macro while snorkeling an free diving, this book is perfect! There´s a whole lot of work to do if I want to make some good shots in the near future but this book is a great tutorial for getting on the right way. Thanks for that! And thank you very much for the video special, really appreciate that!
  2. Hey guys! I´m Daniel from Austria. Went into scuba diving 3 years ago and purchased a used subal housing with a nikon d300s last summer. Now I´m getting more and more excited about uwphotography and of course want to learn more and improve my skills. What better way than learning from the best here in this forum. Can´t wait to get started posting some of my pictures I already made
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