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  1. Hi I thinking of getting a domeport for wide angle work and i am wondering whether it makes sense to use diopters/filters behind a Dome? What kind of red filters do use for shooting in natural light with a Dome? i have a 67mm "wet" filters and diopters but dont know if all that makes sense behing a domeport? Shall i screw the "wet" filters directly on the lens using stepup rings, lens diameter is smaller then 67mm. Using diopters behind a dome possible or sometimes necessary? if yes, when makes it sense and will i loose a lot of optical quality when using diopters? The lenses i gonna use have a relatively small minimum focus distance of 0.25m / 0.82ft and the other of 0.20m /0.66ft Thank you for your much appreciated answers and help best orlando
  2. Hi I am wondering if somebody uses the Panasonic/Leica 45mm Macro in the Olympus Housing for the E-PL1/E-PL-2 (PT-EP01 or PT-EP03) with standard flat port. Does this lens suits in the housing/port and work properly or do you recommend to buy an Athena Macro Port for it? I've read somewhere that the distance between lens and Port Glas is a bit too wide and that it could cause e.g. misfocussing on the port glas. Many thanx for hints. best regards orlando
  3. Hi has anyony experience with the Fantasea BigEye Lens M67? I am planning to use it with the Canon HF20 in the Canon Housing. regards orlando
  4. Has anyone experience with the Underwater Mode of the Canon HF20? any comments appreciated? orlando
  5. I am looking for a wide angle lens for with 67mm threaded mount. Had the Inon UWL-100 with Dome once and wasn't really happy. What could you recommend?
  6. I am using the E-330 in the ikelite housing, with a DS-125 and a DS-160. lenses: zuikos 9-18, 14-54, 50mm Macro i am shooting in raw most of the time. Have fun orlando
  7. Hi I am wondering which Ikelite - Dome - Port - Port Extensions I will have to order for the new Olympus 9-18mm lens to get an ideal setup. Any help greatly appreciated. Thanx orlando
  8. Hi Can anybody tell me what's the fastest Flash Sync with a Oly E-300 and a Ikelite DS 125 (Ikelite TTL)? Thanx orlando
  9. Hi I purchased a Olympus E-330 with Ikelite Housing, Ikelite Strobe DS 125 and Ikelite Standard Tray (extended mount at handle, one 6" arm, two Clambs). I am wondering if anybody uses the same rig and knows how heavy it will be underwater. Do i need some bouancy stuff? What about the total weight if i gonna add a DS 160 with standard trays? Thanks for help roland
  10. I am looking for a case like a pelican case but not as heavy. Do you know any options? thanx in advance orlando
  11. 1 or 2 FISHEYE FIX Light HG20DX as Video lights? What do you think? thanx for answers orlando
  12. Hi Has anybody tried and experienced the Sanyo Xacti HD1000? It's full HD, has manual WB, is really light and quite cheap? also the epqoque housing is really compact and cheap? What do you think? pro and cons? Thank you for some answers: Orlando
  13. hi guys thanx a lot for your answers and hints. i am getting to fix a ball adaptor on the torch holder and attach it with a clamp on a arm. hope, it works to damien: how much grams increased buoyancy do you achieve with your attached blue floaters? what material is it? greez orlando
  14. sorry, you're right. i wasn't sure about the right place for my question. Thanx
  15. hi there i've got two inon strobearm system, attached to strobes. For nightdive reason i am considering to attach my, quite heavy dive torch (mb sub extrem 14.4) to one of the strobarm. Unfortunatly the dive torch has no conector or something like that. I thought about a "ring"-System over the lamp and with a pssiblity to attach an "ball" adapter. Any ideas out there to help me thanx orlando http://www.mb-sub.com/shop_images/extrem144.jpg
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