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  1. Hi Bella, thanks for your quick help (you seem to be the only one). Cheers Ted
  2. Hi I would love some help in ID'ing this ray, I know it should be easy but they all seem so similar to me Picture was taken in the Red Sea near Marsa Alam Cheers Ted ps. need it pretty fast, thanks.
  3. Depressing I can't even win with one of my worst shots and believe me I have hundreds <_< , maybe I should have put my best shot in . One Day, Ha, one day just wait and see Cheers Ted
  4. Now they are really sweet Ted
  5. Hi All, In June our town is holding its "Kunstsommer" (Summer of Art) The theme is "Painting with Light", I have been asked to present about 30 UW photos Here are two pic's I need some advice on. I think Ive got the aperture and timing right, but whats bothering me is the "subject" and composition. Both Pics : Tokina 10-17 at 10mm ISO 200 aperture 11 time 60th, Marsa Alam Red Sea Should I keep them Ted
  6. the year 2045, you can still go diving Ted
  7. Sorry not my thing, there are some nice shots though but the music is crap!!! Ted
  8. Sorry about the delay , I've got the flu, anyway I take it I hav'nt discovered a new spieces of fish <_< so heres a closeup of ??? Ted
  9. Any ideas what this is, junk, fish, coral, or ??? Ted
  10. Ahh arn't they just wonderful , shame we did'nt see any in the Red Sea, I have never seen a Dolphin in real life:( . Must have been a great experience for you. Ted
  11. Hi I'm told he is a male and is 2 1/2 years old and about 3mtr, his parents have moved south into another bay somewhere near the Sudan boarder. His "Buddies" the fish(don't know what they are called) are amazing, he goes to the surface to breath and they seem to know exactly where he is going to carry on feeding and meet him there. He is the largest living vacuum cleaner I've ever seen . We saw another Dugong in Marsa Mubarak, he or she is very shy, only got two pics of it as it flew by (they are very fast when on the move). About the Tokina, I cant say I'm an expert I've only done 100 dives the last thirty with a camera, but for me personally it was a good buy. I use it in a Ikelite 6" Port but an 8" I imagine would be better, its very fast in focusing also you can get close, so close I almost scratched my Dome. Its a fisheye and with one strobe you could have problems lighting a scene if you forget to position the strobe exactly, otherwise one strobe works like a spot light in the back or foreground. There were some reflections of the focusing gear in some of my pictures but then again its a fisheye and see's everything (just blacken everything and its solved). Its a very good piece of glass, Thats about it. eg. Forgot to position strobe and litup the background only :glare: spotligtht effect Ted
  12. there are some people who are just §#*+ in the head the age Ted
  13. Hi all just got back from a small trip to the Marsa Alam-Red Sea. The weather was not the best, very windy , the water temp is about 19° C, and the vis was 10-20mtrs very milky. We went to Elphinestone reef to find Sharks or other big things, and what did we find? "nothing" except for a few Baras and strong current, shame really I tried the new 10-17 Tokina for the first time, WA is harder than I thougth especially when you have only one strobe. Also visited Denise the Dugong in Marsa Abu Dabab, great fella, bigger than I thougth he would be and logged my 100th dive . My Webpage Updated my homepage if anybody is interrested Ted
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