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  1. I switched from PC to Mac for my traveling laptop last month. To be honest, I was already familiar with Mac and both of my kids use Macs, so I had some built in expert help. It is a little bit different, but nothing major, at least not for me. I've picked up a 13 inch Macbook Pro just before leaving for a shooting trip to the Florida keys. I've been gone more than three weeks now and I've used the Mac exclusively. I've used it work on photos, write and update websites. The most important thing is to really make sure you have programs loaded that will do everything you need because it is more difficult to find those quirky little programs or apps that we all use for very specific tasks. The major difference is, when I am traveling, I can usually download a program for some specific task for a PC, but that program may not exist for a Mac and you will need to be prepared for that with a work around. As I said, I had used Macs before and so many of the programs I use were actually originally designed for Macs and then adapted to PCs that the transition for me was pretty simple. I still have a Dell at home for a desktop but it will be phased out over the next year for a Mac Pro. Jeff
  2. just wondering --has anyone heard anything new on this? Is the 5d II out? Jeff
  3. They are serial numbers 10673 and 10737. They worked TTL with a Canon 20d in an Ikelite housing. The sync cords I have are for Nikonos so I'm not sure if that would work. Jeff
  4. I have a couple of Ikelite DS 125 lights for sale. I'm offering them with many extras. The entire package includes: 2 Ikelite DS125 Strobes 2 Extra Batteries (all 4 batteries are the newer NiMH batteries) 2 Sync Cords 2 Chargers (so you can always have batteries charging) 4 Extra O-rings 2 Exra Modeling Lamps 2 Diffusers I'll pay insured UPS ground shipping in the continental US. The lights are about a year old and have about 50 dives, many in fresh water. Never had any problems at all with them. There is, of course, normal wear and tear, a few scratches but they are in perfect working order. Here is a link to the Ikelite DS-125 page: http://www.ikelite.com/web_pages/ss_dig125.html These are the workhorses of the industry, extremely tough and they perform well at all levels of photography. I'm asking $1100 for everything, that price includes shipping and insurance. You can send me an E-mail at jtoorish@aol.com if you are interested. I accept PayPal. Jeff
  5. NEW PRICE -- First $400 gets the whole set-up. E-mail me directly at jtoorish@aol.com JT
  6. This is a great kit for anyone just starting with underwater digital photography, anyone who has a larger underwater digital kit but wants a smaller camera and housing for some dives, or for getting the kids into underwater digitial photography! The housing has about 50 dives total and is in very good shape; it is an underwater housing so it has normal wear and tear and nothing that would affect the performance of the housing or quality of the photos. No floods or rough use. Many of the dives were fresh water. The Cameras are 3.3 megapixel and shoot in jpeg format. They are a fun camera to use both underwater in a housing and on shore of boat --great for snapshots! The kit includes a flash diffuser so you can use the G1's onboard flash underwater. The package includes: 1 Ikelite Housing (LINK to information: Canon G1 Underwater Housing ) 2 Canon G1 Cameras (LINK to information: Digital Cameras - High-End, Advanced Digital Cameras - Performance and Style, Digital ELPH Cameras - Easy and Fun! A-Series Digital Cameras - PowerShot G1 - Canon USA Consumer Products ) Camera filter adapter for land use Underwater Filter Flash Diffuser Camera Manual Camera Software, including Adobe LE Power cords USB Cords Batteries (I'll throw in a couple of extra batteries as well) External battery charger Original Packaging (1 camera) 2 Compact Flash Cards (A 40 mg and a 64 mg) I'm asking $700 for the entire kit and I will pay ground shipping in the continental US. I can accept PayPal of if you don't have a PayPal account, I can accept VISA or MasterCard directly. Kit sold AS IS. Attached photos are of the housing, cameras and associated accessories, as well as photos taken with the camera. This is a great camera kit, very easy to use and relatively compact and LOTS OF FUN! PM Me if you are interested.
  7. I tried TTL but now I'm using manual exclusively. TTL is convenient, no doubt about that, but manual gives me the control I need, espeically for dramatic effects. It also seems to save me a lot of time in Photoshop. Jeff
  8. Someone asked to see more photos of the housing, et. al. I've added a few more photos of the gear and some photos taken with the gear. --JT This is a great set up and includes: The housing 8" dome port 6" dome port Flat port for 50mm macro lens 2 focus rings 2 DS-50 lights (w/1 diffuser) TTL cable ikelite/pelican case (not pictured) Extra 0-rings, button covers, and miscellaneous doo-dads. (This does not included camera or lens but 20d can be found in new or near new condition on E-bay and at some camera outlets.) Here is the link to the ikelite 20d page: http://www.ikelite.com/web_pages/2d20canon.html This is an excellent setup to take professional quality photos. It is rated at 200' and ikelite has an excellent reputation for quality and customer service. It is the perfect setup for someone looking to get into underwater digital photography or to step up to dSLR underwater! I will accept PayPal and ship to US addresses only. I'm posting this on WetPixel first. This first $1800 (plus actual shipping costs) buys it! Jeff
  9. I have an Ikelite housing for a 20D --excellent condition, no problems -- I have a flat port and 8" dome port (I may have a 6" dome as well, I can't remember) I also have some extras --I was just about to put it on E-bay, but if you're interested, you can E-mail me at jtoorish@aol.com Jeff
  10. I have a DS50 with EV controller -- E-mail me if you are interested --jtoorish@aol.com Jeff
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