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  1. Ikelite 6871.05 Canon 5D Housing w. eTTL2 compatibility. Ikelite 5503.51 Dome Port for 17-40 L USM lens with +2 diopter. Ikelite 5505.45 flat port for 100 mm USM Macro lens. Ikelite 3944.75 Deluxe Package which includes; 4103.51 Digital TTL Sync Cord, 4065 DS-125 SubStrobe w. diffuser, 4086.61 Ball Socket Arm system, 4066.1 Smart Charger. These items are like new and function flawlessly. Used on one 5-day trip to Little Cayman. I can't dive anymore, so I'm selling. Flat port transported, but never used. Images taken with the wide-angle set-up referred to can be viewed at www.markmendelsohn.com (See Underwater, then all images entiltled Little Cayman.) New, cost $2370.00+ Asking $1500 plus shipping. I'm in Maryland and can be reached at 1-301-527-1033
  2. There are many fine dive sites at Bonaire. It can vary, too. I've dived "Something Special" when it wasn't, and again when it was very, very nice. It can depend on what's there at the time. Don't overlook the boat dives from Buddy Dive. Although Bonaire may be the shore diving capital of the world, most sites can be accessed by boat, and the entry and exit is easier. Take 1000 Steps, or Oil Slick, for example. Boat is the only way to dive the sites at Klein Bonaire. Also, the diving right at Buddy's reef is nice and you just walk down the steps from the dock to the water. Do a night dive when you can. I'm not nuts about Town Pier, though. Lots of Orange Cup coral and morays, but you dive over junk - discarded tires, etc. Not my cup of tea. This is what I can tell you about lens choice. If you have your WA lens on, you will see seahorses and frogfish. If you have your macro lens on, it will be giant coral formations. There are some sites where you will want your WA lens. Karpata is one. It is a nice site, too. Also, Rappel. Hilma Hooker would be WA. More famous sites include Salt Pier (shore entry) and 1000 Steps. I've liked Petrie's Pillar, Karpata, Something Special, Barcaderas, Capt. Don's & Sampler (Klein Bonarie) among others. The Hilma Hooker is a wreck in 100' of water that is worth doing once, and is an easier boat dive than shore dive. There aren't many sites on Bonaire that aren't enjoyable. Have a good time.
  3. The 24-70 lens is too big to house, although it is a better choice on land, IMO. The 17-40 or 16-35 would be a better choice for WA underwater. The 17-40 is much smaller and lighter than the 24-70. For macro, I use the 100mm macro lens with the 5D. For land use my 24-70 and my 70-200 f2.8 are more frequently used than the 17-40, but I don't take either of them diving. Another question is whether to use a diopter with your WA lens. I use a +2 diopter with my 17-40 and a 6" Ikelite dome port. A diopter isn't required for that lens and port combination, but supposedly there is less softness at the edges with it. (My edges are still soft, though the softness can be cropped out.)
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