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  1. Greetings everyone. I am new to the proper camera housing world. I currently have an Aquatech Elite Surf Housing with the P-65 Dry Port. I recently rented a P-120 dry port as well as a P-70ex extension and the PD-85 Dome port to work with my 16-35 f/4. I really liked both the wet and dry setups I rented, but hated the bulk! Does anyone have experience with a Canon 5D3, 16-35 f/4? I am hoping I could grab the P-70ex and use that with my P-65 dry port but I am wondering if it will vignette at 16mm? i did measure the port combos and the P-65/P-70ex combo is about 1.625cm taller than the P-120. I am very upset that I didn't try the combo with the lens before sending the rental gear back! Stupid! This would be great because I can pick up the dome port and the P-70ex and forgo the P-120 all together. Another quick question. Are there any companies making a large glass dome for the aquatech P-Mount? Thank you everyone! Erik
  2. I ended up going with a Seahorse 920 case for my aquatech surf housing setup. It is actually a little tight but I did make it work. I can fit a couple extra lenses, 5D in the housing, a p-65, p-120, p-70ex and a 8.5 dome port along with some extras odds and ends. Pretty nice, and it has wheels which I am starting to become a fan of. Erik
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