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  1. Onokai and Jack thank you very much for the answers. These are interesting news for me since i always referred to Subal port chart like a bible. Whenever you use 100mm dome do you still shoot compositions which demand corner sharpness of do you choose more center weighted compositions? I was thinking whether i can have a Tokina 10-17+1.4 extension equivalent configuration for the full frame so that i could shoot some macro while using the 100mm dome. Do you have any solution for that?
  2. Hello Jack. Can 4.33 inch domes be used with full frame cameras? I own a glass 100mm Subal one. But unlike your's the shade is not removable. Since i upgraded to full frame i stopped using it.(since in Subal port charts i could not find any usage of it with fx lenses) Nevertheless i continue seeing professionals diving with full frame housings and having 4 inch ports attached. I guess if the shades are removable it could even be used with fish eye lens if it fits in.
  3. After studying the resorts in Fiji i have shortlisted 2 resorts up to now. These are: - The Remote Resort - Qamea Resort I would appreciate to hear any diving related experience in one of these resorts
  4. I am considering Fiji for an approximately two week vacation on Dec 2016 - Jan 2017. I am considering only land based diving. (live a board is not an option for this trip) What i am looking for is a resort with following characteristics: - with good location(relatively closer to major dive spots) - Especially to the famous soft coral dive sites of Fiji - With a dive shop with "a more personal approach" to divers(such as smaller groups, possibility to hire private guide, or boat etc) - Well organised dive operation with sufficient resources(nitrox availability, camera room etc.) - The possibility to organise 3-4 dives per day( a year ago, when i planned a trip to Fiji had some correspondence with some major resorts and was informed that what they do is two tank morning dives. no dive organisation for the afternoons) - Snorkelling friendly (wife is a snorkeler) - 4-star or higher level accommodation I would appreciate to hear any experiences in that location that may help me to finalise my plans. Thanks in advance for valuable assistance. Mehmet
  5. Dear Drew, I have been quite busy recently and have not been visiting in this forum. In the beginning of May i visited the island once more. Even though it's not a top diving location together with the comfort of the resort and peaceful nature i enjoy to be there. Did not shoot the blacktop in the shallows yet. Perhaps this is a good reason for a future visit. :-) Here are a couple of photos from my dives around Moyo this year.
  6. I am planning a 10-12 day diving vacation sometime between 25/04 - 10/05. However could not decide on a destination matching my parameters. I would appreciate any hints matching below criteria: 1. A location reachable from Europe without a very complicated flight organisation(a one stop connected international flight followed by a short local flight is still acceptable) 2. Not one of the destinations we have visited within the last two years which are: - Moyo Island, Indonesia(September 2013) - Pamalican Island, Philippines(January 2014) - Cozumel/Playa Del Carmen/Isla Mujeres/Tulum, Mexico(August 2014) - Wakatobi, Indonesia(Jan 2015) 3. A land based vacation in an upscale resort(A boutique resort with good food and a nice SPA would be ideal. Preferably with GSM signal and Wifi) 4. Preferably best(at least not the worse) diving season at our planned vacation time 5. Good snorkelling possibilities other than scuba diving 6. Possibility to organise diving privately is a plus(one to one with a guide)
  7. This one was shot through the window of the tent :-) 1269650_10151685088407523_528957855_o by Mgungen, on Flickr
  8. 6. Couple of more u/w images from Moyo DSC_6266 by Mgungen, on Flickr DSC_6435 by Mgungen, on Flickr DSC_6580 by Mgungen, on Flickr DSC_6658 by Mgungen, on Flickr DSC_6849E1 by Mgungen, on Flickr DSC_5755 by Mgungen, on Flickr
  9. 5. and some U/W Photos shot mostly at the house reef DSC_6350 by Mgungen, on Flickr DSC_6376 by Mgungen, on Flickr DSC_6735 by Mgungen, on Flickr DSC_6754 by Mgungen, on Flickr DSC_6562 by Mgungen, on Flickr DSC_6154 by Mgungen, on Flickr
  10. As another planned vacation is approaching as usual i got prepared to post on this forum. Even though this website is a valuable information source for me i am not actively posting other than consulting regarding future vacation plans :-/ Probably this is due to the fact that being a vacation "scuba diver- u/w photographer" i am having a busy life during my long surface intervals. Anyway, while i was being prepared to make a new post regarding my planned short vacation in May i just have seen this post from year 2013. Following the valuable information i received in this forum i stayed in Moyo island and had perfect time. I thought that even though a considerable time has passed since above messages were posted, i could also provide some feedback for whomever a stay in this wonderful island might be interesting in the future. The stay in the island was a perfect combination of staying in an untouched jungle with the comfort of an upscale resort. As also mentioned in the above posts we were waken up by the sound of breaking waves and monkeys jumping on the roof of our tent early in the morning. Wild deers were frequent visitors of the resort. At night time we could hear the wild boars walking around our tents. In low tide the dorsal fins of blacktip sharks patrolling infront of the resort were visible from our room.(tent) Food, SPA and all other services in the resort were in upscale level. Diving activities were organised privately. We made majority of the dives in the house reef right in front of the resort.(when the below photos were shot) The night diving and night snorkelling in the house reef were stunning. 1. Monkeys on top of our tent DSC_2864 by Mgungen, on Flickr 2. A baby together with mother right next to our tent DSC_2879 by Mgungen, on Flickr 3. Dusk at Moyo DSC_2932 by Mgungen, on Flickr Dusk at Moyo Island, Indonesia by Mgungen, on Flickr 1270509_10151685088657523_2098678059_o by Mgungen, on Flickr 1274637_10151685091882523_1436752749_o by Mgungen, on Flickr 4. Deers next to our tent 1294267_10151665675462523_199370817_o by Mgungen, on Flickr 921374_10151667520407523_1355977565_o by Mgungen, on Flickr
  11. David Thanks for the info. With further investigation (as you also wrote) i understood that the flange to sensor distance in Nikons cause loose infinite focus when other brands lenses are used. :-/ I like the bokeh when these lenses are used wide open. May be not very sharp even in focus. However they have a very specific effect. Differs from the bokeh of 100mm f/2.8 VR shot wide open for instance. In flickr there are many examples.
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