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  1. Hi, still available? Regards
  2. Hi, are the equipment still available? About the dome is it type 3 or Type 4? And the subtronic? Regards
  3. For sale a my set of UW photo including: - 1 unit of Subal ND300S Type 4 looking as new - 1 unit of Nikon D300S including 2 nikon original baterries and 8Gb Scandisk Extreme IV - 2 units of Sea and Sea YS-250 including three batteries (2 bought in 2017 at BHPhoto and Adorama with less than 10 dives) Everything has been very well taken care and looks has new. All equipments will be delivered with original boxes. Complete kit: 2.100 Euros Subal ND300S and Nikon ND300S: 1.290 Euros Sea and Sea (2 units + 3 batteries): 990 € Will ship worldwide from Europe. Shipping cost will be at buyer expense.
  4. Hi Gordon, i suppose 4' acrylic dome port is type 3, right? Regards
  5. Hi, just bought 2 months ago one from BH another from Adorama. But curious about how it worked out.
  6. Hi, is the viewfinder still available? Regards
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