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  1. Hi all, I wonder if you can give me some clues as to when I should deploy a red filter on my GoPro Hero10. We’ll be in the Maldives on a live aboard in November, so it should be clear warm water. All ideas and opinions welcome.. cheers
  2. Hi Adam, Is there a way to edit Classified Ad posts. I am selling a full Housing plus Camera kit...but need to add the words "For Sale" to make it more obvious as to what the post is about. cheers Wranger
  3. £4000. Selling my full underwater Lumix GX8 kit. Includes Nauticam NA-GX8 housing with M16 Vacuum Valve II, Inon Z240 Type 4 Strobe, I-Das arm system, Nauticam FlexiTray II system with handles and trigger system. The amazing WWL-Wet Wide Lens1 with 130 FOV. An AOI UCL-06L macro lens. A macro port. As well as the camera to fit inside it…The brilliant Panasonic Lumix GX-8 Micro Four Thirds digital camera which offers 20mpMOS sensor, 4K-UHD video, and superb picture quality. A 14-42mm F3.5/5.6 OIS II lens allowing for underwater zoom capability. The focus gear is included as well. The kit includes the correct flash module to fit the housing. Also two extra batteries are included in this sale. The housing sits on Nauticam famed tray system which has been upgraded to include a trigger for easy shutter operation. Basically it is a full kit that is ready to go. It had only been dunked twice, so is basically brand new. No scratches or marks. All seals are in perfect condition. To buy this full kit in todays market would set you back way over £4000, so in its basically brand new condition ( everything in their original boxes), it is well worth this asking price. More higher def photos available on request.
  4. Hi all, I’m wondering if there is a table or a hard and fast rule as to the specific depths that require a red, magenta or other colour filter on your lenses? Are they truly worth it, in terms of picture quaility? cheers
  5. HI All, I'm downscaling my gear to a new GoPro Hero 10 Black and was wondering if you have any clever tips'n'tricks of shooting the best video possible underwater. Next trip will be the Maldives...so not massively deep and warm water. cheers Wranger For sale reference removed: Admin Topic moved to video forum: Admin
  6. Hi, My name is Tom, I started diving in the early 90’s and have achieved MSD level. My main hobby is photography and have taken cameras underwater for a number of years, in a number of places. I love to spend time photographing anything from fish, wrecks, coral etc etc. Long may it continue :)
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