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  1. "Polishing out" a scratch in a dome port is more critical on the interior of the port rather than the exterior surface. A port with all surfaces free of scratches is always best, however water will fill in the scratches on the exterior surface while submerged and will minimize the visibility of the scratch in photos.
  2. This system has been sold. Thanks for your interest. Carl
  3. I purchased this setup in March of this year for a whale trip that fell through. Nikon D2Xs body with extra battery. Subal ND2 housing with GS viewfinder, FE2 Fisheye Port, 15mm Port Extension Ring, Subal Zoom Gear (fits Tokina 10-17mm or Canon EF 16-35mm), Nik.V connectors, port caps. Tokina 10-17mm f3.5-4.5 lens with Nikon mount. All are in new condition and in boxes. I have assembled system to see how it all goes together, but have never had it outdoors. It' never been wet! $9,600 plus shipping and insurance. Carl padschmitt@yahoo.com
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