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  1. Meikon will also likely release a housing for the TG-5 in the coming months if you can wait. Very similar to the Olympus housing and Meikon's quality has improved markedly of late. It's also cheaper than the Olympus housing if you can wait. Most wet lenses will be 67mm thread, a small number are 52mm thread (UWL-04 - a good fisheye choice). As the camera can naturally do very good macro - this might be the only lens you need. Just throwing some more information in to the mix!
  2. Hi Roger, In about a month I'll be selling: Sony RX100 Nauticam housing I das/ulcs tray 2 x ULCS 8" arms 2 x ULCS 5" arms 2 x Inon mega float arms S 6 x ULCS clamps 2 x Inon Z-240, fibre optic cables 2 x Inon UCL 165 close up lenses 1 x Inon UWL 10028AD rectilinear wide angle 1 x Inon UWL 10028AD fisheye 1 x AD M67 adapter I'm looking for around £2000 for the set but not selling just yet. If you want it, pm me I'll keep you updated
  3. Again, if willing to split, I'd be interested in the 20L extension ring
  4. If you've got the Canon housing, you could also get an Inon AD mount base, I have wide angle (UWL-10028AD with shade) and fisheye (UWL-10028AD with dome/shade) mount lenses for sale. £150 for the wide angle, £325 for the fisheye.
  5. £175 including eu/NA postage for both
  6. Reduced to £200 including EU and NA postage.
  7. The Nauticam WWL-1 is probably the go to for that system. The other possibility is the AOI UWL-09, but that's a 67mm screw thread. They are both supposedly compatible with 24mm equivalent cameras and you shouldn't have to zoom to eliminate vignetting.
  8. Both lenses for sale, UWL100 comes with front and rear caps, along with hood. Hood has some scratches and scrapes but glass is immaculate on both lenses. Macro lens £60 Wide Angle Lens £185 Both Together £225 including EU postage - other areas please inbox me. Any questions feel free to ask!
  9. Is it just a broken O-ring? Or is there some other issue with the housing that's causing the leaks?
  10. I had bad experiences with adjustable strap, I kept snapping the buckles from tightening them too much, move to bungees has made everything so much better, good choice. With regards to spring straps - it depends on your boots and fins. Spring straps typically have a higher resistance than the bungees and so put a bit more force on the back of the foot. I tried a pair of spring straps in some thin boots and they were hard work on my heel/achilles. In thicker boots with proper protection (which 95% of people have) I think they're fine.
  11. I like the bungees, but as they're made of rubber they're going to degrade rapidly especially with exposure to UV. I think it's more a case of time rather than the number of times dived with them... I think the motto is carry spares but also - spring straps will last longer if you still find them comfortable.
  12. Reduced to 560 with shipping in the EU. PM for shipping externally.
  13. Oops, getting late and I misread the original message...
  14. Thanks guys for all of the informed comments and putting up with my consistent changes of mind! Tim you really worded it well with the last paragraph. As a quick update, I've decided for now that the RX100ii is the way to go for me for the near future. The wet lenses will hold their value well and the housing won't depreciate too much, also transferable to the next camera should I wish to stay compact... I've got my Z240, two 5" ULCS arms (soon to be joined by an 8"). I've purchased the RX100ii, and I got a Patima housing (new) on offer for £250. The camera was also £250 so it's not too bad to start off with. Sod's law dictates of course that days after I purchased this, an RX100 (original) with a Nauticam housing and ULCS tray appeared for the same price used. I'm not really sure whether I should swap it out. I'm also planning on getting two Inon UCL165 lenses and a UWL-100. I should still have money for a second strobe at the end of all of this as well. I really appreciate the advice I've been given and there's lots to think about.
  15. I'm selling the beginnings of my M43 setup due to realising that a compact camera will be more suited to my needs and budget. Therefore this system has never been underwater. The camera has been used but is in good condition, shutter count 6390. The housing is brand new, never used. If you have any questions, please message me. Price: £750 including shipping within Europe. Macro lens shown in photo is not included in the package
  16. I'll happily take the flex tray off you if you don't manage to sell as a package. Thanks Chris
  17. So to bring this topic full circle... One of my club members offered me an EM5/60mm macro/olympus housing/no ports for £700. I've purchased an Inon Z240 for £325 I've got 2 x 5" ULCS arms and clamps for £100 I don't yet have a tray (£100) However, I've figured that to get my rig up to standard for macro shooting, I'll need a port (£275). If I want to get the rig up to standard for CFWA, I'll need another Z240 /arms (£475), the panasonic fisheye (£500) and a dome (The cheapest I've found is a second hand precision dome for £150). This is a lot of money and I've come back to the conclusion that maybe I should go for a different, high quality compact camera. I can get an RX100II and Ikelite housing/tray for roughly £425, a subsee +10 for my nudibranchs - £150 and an UWL04 for wide angle for £350 This brings my EM5 package price to 2425 alternatively an RX100 II package price to be around 1725 My question is - as a new photogrpaher - will the more expensive rig be justified or do you think I will be disappointed? It's much more appealing especially as I'll much more likely be able to afford the second strobe with an RX100 package. I guess this is very subjective and thank you all for your time already.
  18. Would you consider shipping to the UK? If so, how much would shipping be? Many thanks
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