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  1. I'm not saying the Meikon domes are of outstanding quality and indeed there is only one size - but the optical part of the dome is available from meikon.hk for $75, I'm going to use one to try and DIY a dome port some time next year. I also need to do more research in to waterproof sealing.
  2. If you're on Facebook - join this group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/372370746214296/ then search for 'Farnes' (https://www.facebook.com/groups/372370746214296/search/?query=farnes) people are regularly offering spaces and recommending operators. I hasten to add that many of the members there are very friendly and will offer you any help you might need.
  3. If you're planning on doing it yourself, these links will probably help: http://wetpixel.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=34878 http://wetpixel.com/articles/diy-small-dome-port-for-cfwa You can buy the dome from Meikon to save some money.
  4. Having been lent this set-up for the last few months, the original owner decided to give it to me, but I have decided to advance straight to a mirrorless camera, so it is up for sale. Canon G12, good condition, comes with all cables, original canon battery and 2 x third party batteries - charger is two-pin type, but will include a UK three-pin adapter. Canon housing, fair condition, shows signs of use but never flooded, front glass has no noticeable scratches - brand new buckle, flash diffuser and bungee clip. Fantasea Bigeye dome, good condition, restores the field of view that the water refraction takes away from the camera. Would like to sell everything for £350 - thanks for looking 16GB and 4GB SD cards included
  5. Strobe and strobe mount now purchased
  6. Thanks for the input! Nice to see someone else in the same boat as me... my 60mm lens has arrived, which I snagged for £230, the next closest I've seen is £260 (no camera yet - oops). I've settled for the EM-5 as no need to modify the Meikon housing, which saves plenty money. I'm all up for waiting around to get the best deal - camera wise I've seen an EM-5 and 12-50 lens combined for £270 so I'm looking a little less than that. As for arms - I was quoting a new price, most people with a good set of arms don't sell them it seems, but I've put a post in the classifieds now seeing what is available. Same goes for strobes, $375 is very cheap. The cheapest (Z240) new ones I've found are £500 - so the waiting game for second hand strobes begins.
  7. Hello everyone, I'm looking at getting my first full underwater camera set up, and am looking to buy the following: Olympus OM-D EM-5 mk1 Olympus OM-D M. Zuiko 12-50mm lens Aquatica/Nauticam Arms set up (I'm currently looking for two arms, anywhere between 5" and 8") and any brand of tray, preferably with dual screw mounts 1 (maybe 2x) Inon z240 strobes Strobe mounts Fibre Optic cables The housing has already been decided (Meikon, with Meikon dome). I doubt I'll find one of these second hand, but just mentioning this as I'm a student and I can't afford a Nauticam housing - for those that might have a full setup for sale - sorry!
  8. How much for the z240? Inc postage to United Kingdom? Many thanks
  9. I've just contacted meikon, and apparently their E-M5 housing allows you to zoom the lens manually - albeit with some ergonomic difficult I expect.
  10. Ah I misread the previous post and though that the EM5 mk1 could operate the electronic zoom, I understand now though. I'm leaning towards the EM1 if it's going to be meikon, or EM10 if it's going to be Ikelite. I assume the macro capability of the 12-50 (not macro mode) is not nearly close enough without the diopter? After adding a flip adapter and diopter, it's only another £100 ish to get the dedicated lens (although this limits the in dive versatility). Am I right in thinking the wide end of the 12-50 will be very distorted unless behind a dome port? If so, I'd need to be able to flip between a diopter and a dome port for the full versatility in-dive. If Olympus are bringing out a new OM-D to replace the EM-1 in October, I may just wait until then to see how the price of the old cameras are affected...
  11. Thanks for the links, I promise I'm not being lazy, I really am trying to find all this on my own without having to be signposted everywhere! Having read through those topics, the main problem is that I wouldn't be able to utilise the versatility of the 12-50 in one dive without the nauticam housing (can't activate/deactivate macro mode). Unfortunately it's not a case of spending a little extra for the extra quality (always happy to do) - I simply don't have the money for the nauticam. I could always still use it fixed at either end of the spectrum, set before the dive for wide angle or for macro. It's something I'll seriously consider. You've been more than helpful, thanks again!
  12. Thanks for the info on the 12-50 lens troporobo, but now I feel more confused than ever on which lens selection to make... I'll have to see how much work I get in September and then make the choice.
  13. I like the look of the Flexitray, so will combine that with the ULCS arms, the general system seems to be 1 x 5" arm and 1 x 8" arm, connected by ball adaptors to the handle of the tray, do you think this is a good place to start for one strobe? (I realise I'm getting a bit off topic now, but this is the last thing to cover for now, anything else - I'll post it in the relative forum section)
  14. The choice is cut down to either of Bali or Egypt, it'll most likely be Egypt as I can get a couple more dives for my money and relax somewhat more, but we'll see as the time comes around! The Z240 also seems like the best choice, one more question - arms and clamps. Initially I will only be using one strobe but if I don't want to have to get a new arm/tray set in future when I get a second. Is there a budget single arm package that I can expand later on?
  15. I am leaning towards Olympus and considering the EM5, the housings are just significantly bigger than the EM10's, but accepting the lens is probably a useful feature! I'll stick with proper dry lenses where possible, troporobo having read your post - really useful information. I'm torn between the S-2000 and the Z240, I need to ask myself how much wide-angle work I'll be doing (little), and whether the results I want can be achieved with ambient light. Inon strobes seem to hold their value well. Is it worth starting with the s2000 now and upgrading? Bali is a great suggestion actually, I'll look in to that.
  16. Hey Tim, Maybe I will just have to save the macro for the future as I've promised myself a nice holiday outside of Europe. I just don't want to spend £300 on a lens that I won't use. It's possible that the Olympus kit lens (14-42) and a UCL-165 would allow me the best of both worlds, and save me £150. Interested to hear what other people think
  17. Hi all, I've recently become quite interested in underwater photography and I'm interested in a new camera. I've been borrowing a Canon G12 in the Canon housing. Unfortunately at my current club I'm mostly leading newbies and don't have free brain power to use a camera, but I'm currently planning away for next summer on my first ever big dive trip where I'll be free to take pictures all I want. I'd like to get something now so that by the time I go I know exactly what I need to do to get the best shots. My budget is in the £1300-1500 region for a camera and similar for a holiday. My main interest is in macro (read: nudibranch) shots. So here's my dilemma: - The most affordable holiday outside of Europe is an Egypt liveaboard, but I know Egypt is mainly highly regarded for wide-angle. I'd really like a mix of diving, but definitely macro opportunities. I can't afford a plethora of lenses so any suggestions on a holiday to suit budget and interests would be helpful! The two (used - due to budget restraints) setups I'm considering: Olympus OM-D EM10 Meikon housing (modified to fit 60mm macro lens) Inon Z240 M. Zuiko 60mm macro lens £1520 Canon G16 Fantasea housing Inon Z240 Fantasea 67mm eyedapter Inon Macro UCL-165 lens £1470 Would the Olympus deal need further diopters for macro? Is a Z240 necessary? Any advice would be really useful, as I said I'm very new and still learning. Hence why I'm planning now for a holiday in 11 months time!
  18. Hi everyone, I'm a newbie to underwater photography, having been diving for 8 years. Have just sold my gopro with the intention to move to a better system, however at the age of 21 my budget is limited - any help welcome. Cheers, Chris
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