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  1. I have battled this for as long as I have been diving. I use Flonase (OTC now) and it has helped a lot. My ears still get a little sore but nothing like they used to. I have gone to alcohol and vinegar after the dive instead of the drops with glycerin. (After a very unpleasant incident in Crete with the bomb detector machine thinking my glycerin was some sort of explosive.) It takes about a week for the Flonase to take effect. I hope this helps. Best of luck, ear problems suck. Regards, K
  2. I have a Olympus OMD EM 1 mk II with lenses, ports, arms. Nauticam housing. focus light mounts. Everything but strobes and clamps. PRISTINE condition. Listing up with photos. Kevin feel free to call 321-698-7700
  3. New in the packaging exciter filters for YS strobes. Never in the water. $150 shipped. Went to Inon. These were a set of spares. Kevin
  4. I may or may not have a buyer. So back up.
  5. I will load them tonight. Lens and dome are PERFECT. Kevin
  6. Airport Security took my Nauticam allen wrench set in Crete. We was also detained because their "bomb detection device" did not like the glycerin in my divers ear drops. They went kinda nuts when the machine kept triggering on my mask box for explosives. I now carry only vinegar and alcohol. My wife and I were screened 3 times, including again at the gate. I use the Pelican air as a carry on. Last, If you gave a Backscatter type vacuum port you can plug the gauge in the port and not worry about pressure. K
  7. Pads used for incontinence and feminine hygiene (some of them) can be cut and placed in the housing instead of the desiccant packs. It is a much cheaper option and they seem to work well. Look for the ones that advertise gel. K
  8. Blue rubber is prettier. No other difference. K
  9. 10 Bar snoot with Laser aiming fits YS D1 and D2. As new. Changed to Inon strobes. $150 Kevin
  10. Pristine lens and Dome combo. N85 Nauticam 4.33 acrylic dome. Dome and lens are perfect. $1000. Moved to full frame. Kevin 321-987-7700
  11. Most of the setup is gone. I have a 8mm Fisheye and dome in another listing. I have a Oly 12-14 pro with the zoom and focus gear. As new condition. 25% off new price I have Nauticam float arms also for sale. K
  12. Pristine lens and Dome combo. N85 Nauticam 4.33 acrylic dome. Dome and lens are perfect. $1000. Moved to full frame. Kevin 321-987-7700
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