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  1. I believe an adapter plate is available on the Nauticam website that allows the use of the A7r 4 Kevin
  2. I did not get your pm. call me at 321 698 7700
  3. Yep, I can ship it today express with tracking. PM or call 321-698-7700 for questions. Kevin
  4. Yes. I still have it. It is the standard 67mm thread. I can check on shipping if you give me your address. Kevin
  5. I have a pristine viewfinder for sale. It is the original model and can not be adapted for full frame housings. I bought it new. $700 Shipped. Kevin
  6. Have a Pristine WA EP 100 Dome. $325 Shipped Photos are on this site. Or I can text you a photo Kevin
  7. How much for the Nauticam N100 to N120 35.5mm Port Adaptor II? Kevin
  8. Having had an EP housing and used a 60mm Macro the ep-01 port worked fine and was long enough. By the way...if you have a UV filter on your lens it might be the issue. I could not use one or the lens would not fit my ep 01 port. Hope this helps. Kevin
  9. Mint CMC 2 with box and papers. I did make 2 very small holes in the lens cap to attach a cord and clip to secure the lens cover to my housing. Included. $275 shipped. Kevin
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