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  1. How much for the Nauticam N100 to N120 35.5mm Port Adaptor II? Kevin
  2. Having had an EP housing and used a 60mm Macro the ep-01 port worked fine and was long enough. By the way...if you have a UV filter on your lens it might be the issue. I could not use one or the lens would not fit my ep 01 port. Hope this helps. Kevin
  3. Mint CMC 2 with box and papers. I did make 2 very small holes in the lens cap to attach a cord and clip to secure the lens cover to my housing. Included. $275 shipped. Kevin
  4. I have the CMC 1 and 2. Which one are you interested in? Kevin
  5. Both ports are pristine. The zen is port 2 without the extra spacer. I have a CMC 1 and 2. 70% of new on the prices. You will not be disappointed in the condition. Call m e at 321-698-7700 and we can chat.
  6. Was out of town but did send a msg. Have the macro and a Zen Dome.
  7. The best thing you can do is learn to manage light. All of the previous posts are 100% correct. That means strobes. If you begin to think in terms of how managing light affects what you are trying to photograph...you will be a better photographer. I hope you find some strobes. Don't worry about the new models coming out, maybe they are better, maybe not for you and what you shoot. Wear your gear out taking photos. You will then know what is most important to your shooting. Have fun, enjoy learning. We all started from where you are. Very best of luck on your trip. K
  8. Brand new UV filters/exciters for YS strobes. Fits D1 & D2. $150 shipped Kevin
  9. Kevin57

    Want to Buy

    I have one in mint condition. Went to full frame. It has the Backscatter vacuum bulkhead with gauge and pump. Price $1550 with vacuum bulkhead. $1400 without. Photos are on previous ad here on Wetpixel. Kevin
  10. Still have the fisheye. Dome is sold.
  11. I have the macro port, A Zen dome for the 9-18 plus it works for others. lenses, the fish eye, and the 12-40 pro. Flash trigger and CMC 1 and 2. I will give you more info tonight. I have the camera and some odds and ends that won't work on my full frame. K
  12. Still have the float arms and I found 2 more ultralight arms. K
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