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  1. Sorry...have to side with the user on this. He sounds as though he did his due diligence by calling when the manual fell into question. 1. The main port isn't fixed but yet that isn't stated? 2. He is directed to "rotate" the dome port into place on the phone. 3. Ike states in their own literature that the dome port can be added and removed "underwater". While this might not be manufacturer's defect, it is a flaw in the overall design and the contributing factor was the literature. To further exacerbate this, the phone call probably led to a false sense of security for the user. As a victim of a poor housing design once before, I understand this frustration. Furthermore, Olympus stepped up to the plate and upgraded the housing and camera bodies. Ike needs to step up and replace the damaged equipment and to change their literature.
  2. The cheshire cat grin indeed!
  3. looks like someone sewed the head of a baby elephant on a shark body. I've never seen anything like that.
  4. Thanks...my feet and heart were tapping along with that
  5. Thanks. Yes, just from the sample I'd say much better than my E520 and if I were buying today the E620 would be the camera I'd get.
  6. You two need a room You both made me realize how much I hated math class!
  7. Gators are everywhere in the everglades and there are plenty of places for topside shots. There are some places that allow you to rent a canoe and cruise through the waterways. I couldn't get anyone from my family in a canoe to go with me the last time :?)...too many big gators! I think the bigger issue you have is clear water. So finding clear water and gators would narrow your search. I can't remember the place I went to a few years back but it was real close to homestead, or about an hour from Ft Lauderdale. I'll try and dig up the old photographs and see if I can identify the spot.
  8. Your biggest worry is mobility and cutting off circulation by combining them. The added mil factor would keep you warmer if fitted properly. Most folks I know where a shorty over a 7 mil for added warmth.
  9. Tom...just out of curiosity I'm wondering if you can post me a photo taken with the noise filter off on ISO1600. A photo with shadows would be ideal.
  10. With a DSLR it is true you have to dance with the one you brought, there are some very versatile zoom lenses today which offer a great trade off between close up photography and WA. Add a wet diopter to the zoom and you can get some pretty nice results for most small stuff while the 14-24mm end of the zoom will be enough to cover most WA shots outside of scenes. Anyway, unless you were really quick, you'd miss the whale shark with a compact in macro mode as well. Furthermore, I was missing at least 3-4 shots a dive with the P&S due to write times, flash recharge times and just general slow focus and shutter lag. My vote would be DSLR.
  11. Not to mention those blasted trigger fish in mating season...
  12. These often come with small cameras to offset the positive buoyancy. It probably is designed to make it neutral in the water.
  13. If you're a polar bear!!! I got cold just looking at those!
  14. I've never done a pool shoot other than my kids but if you're just doing a head shot then it seems the 50 would work. Most pool work I've seen on here is full body shots with props etc requiring a wider lens. However, I would think that even at 3ft without underwater strobes you're going to get some loss of red light. Again, there are some guys on here with experience at this who haven't gotten around to reading this. I would find some of their posts and send them a PM.
  15. You might look at EWA Marine bags but I'd have to agree with the above and say rental might be your best option. Try calling Reef Photo...www.reefphoto.com and discuss what you're doing with them. 50mm also sounds like the wrong lens to use in a pool for models ....
  16. That was so good I feel like you should have charged me for watching. The Galapagos stuff....phenomenol and breathtaking.
  17. I don't know. The shooter seemed genuinely surprised by the action of the cuddlefish. I think the original intent was for the shooter to capture the octo playing with whatever it was playing with. I'm sure most predation that occurs around divers is partially due to the prey being distracted by them.
  18. Marcelo, I haven't gotten all they way through but enjoyed the basics page. On a housekeeping note, It would be nice if the "next" key took you to the next topic instead of the table of contents page.
  19. That is great Leslie. Very nice capture.
  20. Also, sometimes the wrong grease can make the oring expand and not want to sit into the groove. So it is important to use the type the Manufacturer suggests.
  21. As usual, I'll throw the Olympus E620 (replacement for the E520) into the mix. I currently have the E-520 and manage to get the housing, camera, 2 inon strobes and 1 flat port into a Pelican 1510 (largest carryon size). I use a lowepro backpack as my other carryon and fit all the lenses, other ports and a computer into it. I just purchased the 9-18mm WA lens and was thrilled to hear that Athena has come out with a 5" port for it. In any case, as DSLR's go you would be hardpressed to find a lighter, more compact setup. To add to what James said, I was testing out the G10 the other day in a store and was quite impressed by its lack of shutter lag.
  22. Sorry guys I wasn't advocating Ebay, especially these days. I kind of use Ebay as a measure of market cost on occasion. If I'd have purchased my first housing through Ebay I would have been in deep water. Reef photo fixed the issue at no cost to me. Also looking at those E620 prices he's even go Ebay beat! Yeah, definitely save the headache and purchase the complete underwater package and camera from Reef. At a $200 delta, it is certainly worth it over the E520. Jack - That's great information but for the rest of us what is MAP (manufacturer Approved price?)
  23. http://cgi.ebay.com/Olympus-E-520-10-1MP-D...A1%7C240%3A1318 This is for a new E520 with a 14-42 lens and its roughly $550. http://photography.shop.ebay.com/items/Dig...286Q2ec0Q2em282 The E620 is $995 for the same package on Ebay. Now I have no question that these prices will close in the next few months. A question that would need to be addressed before a decision would be when does he want to use the setup. The underwater housing for the E620 hasn't been released yet....correct?
  24. Wow...one day Ross you're going to have to show me how you train those fish like that
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