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  1. You might pop over to www.digitaldiver.net and PM a guy called fisheye. He lives pretty close and can give you the updated conditions. From what I understand they're containing the construction pretty well and the macro sites haven't really been affected that much.
  2. Bravo! He's already got nerves of steel and a talented eye at 11!!!
  3. If you can screw on a extension barrel to the camera and add a filter, you might look into the magic filter. It is excellent at snorkelling depth.
  4. If he's going to shoot up into the ambient light, I'd have him get close and use the built in flash for some fill light. Otherwise, shooting with the light at his back might be his only choice.
  5. This thread was a funny read. As a Brit living in the US since I was 7, I feel conflicted On topic! As I watched a fellow pull out his Kindle on a plane the other day I was thinking why can't they do this with magazines. I usually carry several underwater and photo mags with me on the plane to read. I guess I'm a throw-back..or maybe that's the Brit inside me screaming for some me time. In any case, my thoughts drifted to a Kindle on steroids. One that could download the full beauty of photos to look at and articles to read. Yes, I know computers can do this but not with the simplicity of how Amazon does this. If I could get a device like a Kindle that downloaded my monthly subscription and displayed it in all its grandeur, I would. One small device with all my mags inside.
  6. Looking at that kind of excellence makes me want to trash my entire collection
  7. hehe...just did that in Bonaire. I had been looking for a shrimp I'd seen earlier in the week and must've spent two whole dives looking for that sucker. On the 3rd I found him and pulled my camera up to shoot and my heart raced as all I saw on the LCD was black. I began looking for a leak....then realized I'd left the lens cap on. My mask then flooded as I LOL@ my stupidity. Cool stuff.
  8. Maybe. When I dive with my 14-42mm lens with a woody's diopter on it, I get almost 1:1 macro and without the adapter I can get to the 35mm equivalent of 28mm with the WA. If I could afford the 12-60 lens it would be even better. Some zoom lenses are now becoming very sharp and versatile underwater. Furthermore, with a manual zoom, you can quickly adjust your framing. Not so with a P&S.
  9. Had a housing once failing the dunk test in the rinse bucket. I re-greased everything, made sure it was all good and it was still flooding. Left the camera on the boat...here's the sequence of events 1. Get down to depth and immediately see my first ever shark underwater (well at least one close enough to photo!). He cruised right by me. Behind him about 5 meters was a huge stingray..just following the shark probably hoping for scraps. The shark circled but disappeared into the blue as I layed on the white sandy bottom. Almost on cue a bright yellow jawfish popped up right in front of my mask...as he watched the shark disappear he slowly turned and saw me inches from his little face...the expression was priceless. I swam a little further and came on a group of feeding Barracuda. One after the other they were darting down nailing fish. I then turned back toward the boat to start back. I got about halfway back and found the largest goliath grouper I've ever seen hanging out under a ledge. What's more is he pretty much let me get as close as I wanted.
  10. If you're certain the strobe isn't firing and it isn't a settings issue on the camera then I would think it would have to be the cables. The strobe itself is incompressible at that depth. There's no partial flood occuring because operation returns to normal at the surface.
  11. I suppose a bucket of chum in the wake as the boat left would've been a bit much Very well done!
  12. Still have the brand new olympus port if you're interested. Make me an offer!
  13. Not me personally but I know people who have health issues lugging a larger rig around underwater.
  14. Shutter lag was just one reason: 1. I can shoot as fast as the strobes can recharge (1.8 seconds on a full dump). 2. More sophisticated focus locks on quicker, more shots in focus. 3. Battery life - Card Size....though most of the time you don't do this, I have taken over 300 shots on two dives without opening the housing. 4. Glass - sophisticated optics. 5. Full manual control with easy/quick access to changing both the shutter and aperture. 6. Shooting RAW+Jpeg doesn't slow me down. 7. No fogging issues - unintended but nonetheless if I shot too quickly with my P&S it seemed to fog...especially while snorkelling 8. Economic Stimulus - The minute you jump you boost the economy.
  15. Along with the shutter speed I always angle the strobes in around 45 degrees.
  16. ce4jesus


    Land lubbers usually like pretty colors, so nice nemo shots, the ribbon eel etc. Sharks have a certain sex appeal up top too. Just my two cents.
  17. No but if the breaks failed or the tire came off and caused the crash you would have claim. Therein lies the difference.
  18. Before I ever started underwater photography I attended a Stephen Frink photo class at a local event. I didn't remember much but I do remember his first statement. If you're going to start digital photography, you need to learn how to be a brutal editor and cull everything that's not good. A little tougher job for someone who doesn't hit the ocean that much but still an important one.
  19. too much. Sometimes a large trip can have as many as 2500 photos to go through and find the keepers. Post processing can take me months because, like you, I have other commitments. My goal has been to get so good at taking UW photos that the post processing doesn't take that long. Unfortunately its a nice goal but I'm nowhere near achieving it.
  20. I came back with some video shot out of a P&S and I'd like to add some color back in using CS4 premier...how do I go about doing that?
  21. Leave the camera?... I was thinking anchor to the block with a jon line, wait for the massive brown out of water heading your way and snap photos just before it hits.... of course I'm not too bright either.
  22. Hey Bryce, Man not only different but colorful and almost exotic for Tennessee. I'm sure those guys were pretty small..how did you spot them?
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