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  1. One other thing is write-time with RAW format. (ie time between photos) That isn't a problem with DSLRs but it is with prosumer models. Interesting mask concept. Now if you could project the digital viewfinder in front of the mask, control settings with your eye movement and capture with a remote button on your BC...heh.
  2. I realize after much research that Ike is the way to go; however, since this is my first endeavor I already sprung for a FL-20 and the underwater housing that goes with. Has anyone used the olympus flashes with their respective housings? I'm fairly certain during my research that these flashes and their underwater housings support oly TTL. I will say that I've not gotten the housings yet in the mail and they look fragile. After reading the mishaps here it looks like I'll be making another investment after the first drop...haha. BTW...can someone explain to me what the difference between the YS series and YS auto series is? I've heard the auto pretty much does everything for you (the kind of setup this newbie needs
  3. Well...say hello to a newbie. I just got certified over the summer and did my first dive vacation in July. After taking some awful pictures with a Sealife 35MM with no strobe (actually a couple of them turned out pretty good for a rookie) I was hooked. I just purchased the SP-350 after tons of reading and researching cameras. Its really too bad I just now found this site. Anyway, I have the camera, the FL-20 flash with an underwater housing that I've yet to use. BTW, both circuit city and Best buy now have the camera to play with. Unfortunately the 24MB internal memory will only allow you to take one RAW image. I actually never considered the 7070 but I did research the 8080 and both it and the SP-350 were right up there. The SP-350 is slightly faster in the write process for RAW at about 9 seconds versus 15 for the 8080. What did it for me was the built in underwater modes and the 4 programmable user modes which are easily accessed. I thought these user modes would excellent for diving since you can program in your own settings. The price was right too. I got the Camera and 512 memory from Dell for $368 bucks. The flash and the flash housing came off of Ebay, both were new products from Olympus Auctions. I got them both for $210. Throw in the underwater housing for the camera, which I'm anticipating coming out on Ebay any day now, for about $200 and you can see why I made the decision. Any and all advice you guys can give me is always appreciated and if I can muck with the camera and figure something out for you ... don't hesitate to ask. Thanks
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