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  1. Stephen no apologies for the long post needed....do you have more? They're all wonderful shots. I'd have to remark that the composition is outstanding. Cheers.
  2. http://wetpixel.com/forums/index.php?showforum=23 Hi Maria, welcome to wetpixel...here's the link you need.
  3. Try a wet diopter on the 46mm threads of the PT-030. Underwaterphotography.com has a macro lens with the right adapter.
  4. Over the last few months my computer seems to hang up when I redirect it from Wetpixel. No other site will hang up my browser. When I finally get tired of waiting for it to leave, I shut it down and get the message "window is busy do you really want to shut it down". It also hangs up on occasion coming into the site and I restart a new window and it will get right in. Any thoughts. My browser is the latest IE explorer with XP operating system?
  5. Keep in mind that Inon has a special optical cable that goes with its strobe and usually isn't part of the strobe package. Your reseller should have the part number. The older ones required an optical D cable. You'll also want to make sure it comes with an adapter to put on your arms. Lastly, you'll want to purchase a kit to attach the other end of the fiber optic cable to the camera housing. Don't buy the velcro version..they're a pain. Get one that clips to the diffuser plate. Your housing appears to have a cold shoe on top. I would buy a sea&sea adapter for your focus light. Fantasea Nano Focus Light is a good cheap light.
  6. any particular dive you recommend...I'll be there in two weeks? I'll be staying at buddy's and while I hear the shore diving is great I'd like to get out on a boat once or twice.
  7. Never seen that before....nice capture.
  8. Stephen that is flat out cool. I reckon photo number two would be the last thing you'd see without a cage or polecam...hehe. Not sure I'd be real comfortable doing that from a RIB in those waters...one little nibble and life would get real interesting.
  9. Absolutely love 'em..thanks for sharing.
  10. That was cool but I thought that the 22 analogy was for another crustacean that snapped its claw together creating a percussion which would render pray unconscious.....can't recall the name though.
  11. I've said it before and I'll say it again, that last shot is cover worthy stuff. 3 subjects and as point out nice use of negative space. Oh and a wild tiger to cut your teeth on...we all thoroughly hate you
  12. Nice work Simon. The Pike shot really cool. I didn't think they'd let you get that close.
  13. They are all fantastic but number 3 looks surreal. Unbelievable lighting on that.
  14. Steve, The 2nd pic with the shark, the boat and diver....that is gold!! Looks like cover material.
  15. Interesting thought. It might be time for a new catagory for hybrids like this. Since it does share some of the same features of both a Digicam and a DSLR.
  16. I'm entertaining offers for this port with the focus gear.
  17. http://www.olympusamerica.com/cpg_section/...09_06&li=bt If they offer a housing it might be a great camera for those looking for live view. Since it doesn't have a mirror it will more than likely have no lag on live view.
  18. Unless your on a rebreather or freediving most fish are scared off when you exhale through your regulator. A mirror mask might actually create curiosity or aggression in fish when they see their reflection, otherwise I can't see any benefit.
  19. I always shoot RAW. If I'm on a 1 day dive trip, I'll shoot RAW+JPEG.
  20. I've been using the s-ttl and optical connections for a couple years with no issues at all. I'm going to guess this has something to do with the electrical connection or, as described above, a partial flood. Alex, It might a pain but could you describe your settings on the strobes and the type of connection? You might just unhook the electrical cable and do a test dive using that strobe with the optical trigger and the strobe set to s-ttl to see what happens.
  21. I believe that's a peterson's shrimp and yes they carry their eggs that way.
  22. Still have this port with zoom gear. I'm now asking $250. If you have an Olympus System this is %50 off what you'd pay retail it is brand new.
  23. Here's an idea, don't know if you like it but This looks really great in B&W..
  24. I like it. I might white balance the photo in PS but I like it.
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