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  1. Potentially keen on: 1 Nauticam SFE2860-Z Zoom Gear for Sony FE 28-60 F4-5.6 1 Nauticam N100 Flat Port 45 with Focus Knob 1 Nauticam M67 Bayonet Mount Converter II If you are splitting it out
  2. Housing still available? Where are you located?
  3. Bump! USD 1300 1700 + 50 USD shipping to US or EUR, 30 USD to Asia
  4. @Phil Rudin wow thanks for the insights! Yes, very interested in the WWL-1 with 28-60mm combo, as aside from the price of the WACP, 7KG top side weight is something I think I will struggle with quite a bit (have issues now already with a full Ikelite setup). Also having a fixed 28mm behind a WWL-1 means much less flexibility in shooting. Have you tested the comparison of the WWL-1 with 28-60mm vs with the WACP? Is there a massive difference in image quality? Wondering now if it will somehow fit my Ikelite housing for the A7III. Hmm....
  5. Also wondering the same thing, anyone tried WWL-1 with Ikelite? I am using an A7III housing
  6. Wow thanks, great input guys @serpentara Wow thats interesting, i thought the USB mode was only to review photos, but its for changing settings too. I guess that could be a deal breaker for me On the point of image sharpness, I've had a few Ikelite housings and domes, and I would say pretty much if you are using a rectilinear lens (not a fisheye basically) and its fairly wide, F9 isn't enough to get the corners to acceptable levels, you need to stop it way down. you can do a quick check on A.Mustards shots, he goes to like F20 -> F32 /max http://www.amustard.com/library/stock76/UK20_am-16129.jpg http://www.amustard.com/library/stock75/UK20_am-14911.jpg Also how big is your Dome? Another main driver of corner sharpness
  7. Man this is awesome, been waiting for a review from someone that actually owns this housing! Created a topic a while back but not many responded. Main question I have: Is there any noticeable lag in the buttons, especially the shutter / changing settings; Because its electronically controlled, would assume there is some lag vs just directly clicking the buttons? Watched the videos on youtube, but hard to tell from watching only @serpentara very keen to hear your input too, especially for the A7RIII as I am using an A7III with ikelite housing nowadays
  8. USD 1500 1700 (around 1/3 of retail price) + 50 USD shipping to US or EUR, 30 USD to Asia
  9. Bump Please ping me if you have interest in individual parts too
  10. Hi, Selling a Ikelite A6300 setup. Whats included for the housing: Ikelite a6300 housing [6910.63] {Retail USD 975} Ikelite Tray with Dual Quick Release Handles [9523.64] {Retail USD 130} Wide angle equipment: Ikelite 8 inch DLM dome [5516.81] {Retail USD 400} (Zeiss 12mm, 10-18mm) Ikelite 8 inch Dome port adapter [5516.80] {Retail USD 150} Ikelite 6 inch MIL dome port [5516.15] {Retail USD 350} (can fit 16-35mm, 10-18mm) Ikelite 16-50mm Zoom sleeve [5515.41] {Retail USD 35} Ikelite 16-35 F4 zoom ring [5509.25] {Retail USD 35} Ikelite compact 6 inch Dome port [5516.12] {Retail USD 375} (Zeiss 12mm) For Macro: Ikelite MIL DLM flat macro port for 90mm Macro lens [5516.50] {Retail USD 250} Ikelite macro port extension [5516.70] {Retail USD 220} Also selling the camera and selected lenses Sony A6300 {Retail USD 700} Sony 10-18mm E mount F4 {Retail USD 900} Sony 16-50mm E mount {Retail USD 300} The set has been dived for maybe 100 Dives i would say in tropical waters, quality of images you can get with this set is really good - check out my IG, all photos are taken with this housing and camera set pretty much https://www.instagram.com/singkwan_photography/ All of the equipment is used with signs of usage, but all 100% functional without issues, and have had servicing on both the camera + housing. Very minor scratches on the domes, but has not impacted image quality (check my photos) Happy to share more granular photos for buyers who are interested. I have not sold on here before so I dont have feedback, but i have 73 full positive rating on ebay: https://www.ebay.com/usr/opti420sk Total value is USD 4800 retail - selling everything at USD 1700 (around 1/3 of retail price) + 50 USD shipping to US or EUR, 30 USD to Asia (I am located in Singapore, so its free if you happen to be in SG). Pay will Paypal so we are both protected. If you want to buy the set but with a few items excluded, let me know should be possible. Open to sell in pieces if the set doesn't sell too, but will wait a few days to see who is interested in the set.
  11. Any chance anyone has created a lens for the 72mm or 67mm filter mounts for the sony lenses like you mentioned? Thanks
  12. haha damn, wanted a Sony housing. Good luck with sale though, will go to a good owner!
  13. Hi, wondering if you ended up using /selling it? Could be interested Thanks
  14. Hi, are you selling only selected pieces? I am keen on Aquatica 8 inch Dome and Shade (1 year old. No visible scratches on dome or shade). Retail Price: US$688
  15. If you are okay breaking it up, Interested in the 8 inch dome. Is it the glass or acrylic dome?
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