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  1. Katy: What a superb and artistic video! I salute you. Do you mind disclosing how many dives/days/weeks it took get this footage, and whether it was all on one trip, and what your equipment was? I am impressed! George Paul
  2. Nice work! Love the opening shots, and when that Manta goes vertical. As you know, I have the a7sII and have the same challenges with white balance on wide angle shots. I LOVE the camera on dry land, and I bet it is great for close up and macro, but I will be trying a different, compact camera, for my next trips. Thanks for posting!
  3. Great summary! I think this will help those who are new to this page. Query: Do you just set the WB to 5.2K, or whatever the temp of your lights are? What does this do to the color of the water, at a distance, where the light is not illuminating it? How does this compare to underwater WB using basically the same technique? Thanks for this distillation of wisdom. GLP
  4. Very nice: Are these frames from the 4K video, or are these RAW files from photographs?
  5. REally enjoyed this and I like the shorter films. What is going on with the square format? Is that something to do with Instagram?
  6. Not sure I understand you question. If you click on a link, it usually takes you to Vimeo or Youtube. If you click here, it plays small. Or, I think you can maximize it by clicking on the logo.
  7. Yes this is great. I see you have quite a few drone shots in here. Don't have a drone but am fascinated by what they can do. What kind do you have? Any complaints about the noise it makes when you are filming? Thanks for posting here. GLP
  8. Wow! Superb. Love all elements including music. And I love those moving captions! Incredible macro! Thanks for posting.
  9. Hi Howeikwok: Once again great video. I love your music. What awesome critters and photography. Thanks for posting! GLP
  10. We dove Raja Ampat from the Misool EcoResort. It is expensive, but the diving is hard to beat. I may have spoiled myself and my fiance by having that be our first dive trip to Indonesia.
  11. Thanks for posting Alfredo! As I mentioned on my comment on the Vimeo posting, I very much like the way the video lights illuminated the golden fish in the foreground. Nice work!
  12. Great video. Great clarity and i see everyone is using a reef hook. How did you like the diving there? My fiance and I are considering going there in late September or October. I am afraid that after our trip to Raja and Misool EcoResort, everything will be an anticlimax. In any event, thanks for posting and do let us know about how you liked the Maldives. What boat were you on? thanks, George
  13. Great video. I love these tightly edited videos that convey the fun of diving -- sort of a diver's diving video. Great job on all fronts!
  14. Yes thanks for sharing. I did not know that there were such sites there. So much more colorful than one would expect!
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