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  1. I have two of these I'm trying to sell - nothing wrong with them, just want to upgrade. Each of them have approximately 50 dives logged. Batteries on both units replaced mid-late 2019. Includes original box, USB cable, etc. Asking USD 300 each, or USD 500 for the pair + shipping.
  2. Dome has been sold, ring gear and extension rings still available.
  3. Motorized electric pump (runs off 9V battery) for a Leak Sentinel leak detector. Retails at around USD 60-90 (depending on supplier): http://www.divervision.com/seaandsea-electric-pump-for-leak-sentinel-46126.html https://www.opticaloceansales.com/leak-sentinel-electric-vacuum-pump.html Asking USD 40 + shipping
  4. Excellent condition. Asking $275 + shipping.
  5. Thanks for catching that! They do make quite a few... (no price change). Sea & Sea Fisheye Dome 240 (30116) -- $275
  6. For sale, lightly used, great condition - listed prices negotiable. Sea & Sea NX Compact Dome Port (56601) -- $275 Sea & Sea NX Dome Port Cover -- $10 Sea & Sea Extension Ring 30L (30124) -- $100 Sea & Sea Extension Ring 40L (30125) -- $100 Sea & Sea Zoom Gear Ring for Nikon 16-35 f/4 Lens -- $50
  7. Still available. Will entertain reasonable offers.
  8. For sale, lightly used, great condition: Sea & Sea NX Compact Dome Port (56601) -- $275 Sea & Sea NX Dome Port Cover -- $10 Sea & Sea Extension Ring 30L (30124) -- $150 Sea & Sea Extension Ring 40L (30125) -- $150 Sea & Sea Zoom Gear Ring for Nikon 16-35 f/4 Lens -- $90 Asking $600 for the whole lot, or individual prices as listed above (all prices excluding shipping). See attached photos.
  9. I have the adapter with photos on a related post: http://wetpixel.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=58391&do=findComment&comment=380286 Asking 115 USD including shipping to Croatia.
  10. Yes still available. I have not tested it with the NA housing. See attached photos. PM me if interested in purchase.
  11. All still for sale, let me know which parts you want. I can send you some photos. It worked well on my Sony RX100II, with a Sea&Sea housing.
  12. How about 95 pounds incl. shipping to the UK from HK (that should cover the PayPal fee as well)
  13. Asking for $425 for the whole lot (around $520 new). PM me if interested, I'll send you high-res photos.
  14. I'm upgrading so this is up for sale: Inon UWL-H100 28LD + Inon Hood Fisheye FiX LDF-M67Pro (28LD to M67 adapter) Inon Neoprene bag Pristene condition. Used on 7 dives. No scratches, no signs of wear or tear, barely used! PM me if interested.
  15. I might be able to help you here. I have an RX100 MK2 with a Sea&Sea (aluminum) housing that will accept 67 mm wet lenses. The camera is in excellent condition, I have the original box, manual and accessories (e.g, charger and spare battery). The housing is in great condition except for *one* scratch on the port (otherwise in excellent condition). It doesn't affect underwater images at all, but may affect topside images if you're going to use it that way. It can also be replaced by Sea&Sea if you are so inclined. I'll throw in an unused o-ring as well. I purchased both items less than a year ago and they've been used on 23 dives in Southeast Asia. I'm considering an upgrade so this seems like a good opportunity. If you're interested message me with your contact information and I will send you high-resolution photos (attachments are limited to 1MB in this post).
  16. Hi, I'm Nareg and I currently live and work in Hong Kong and enjoy diving all over Southeast Asia and underwater photography.
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