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  1. Morning,


    Not sure if this is a solution but I have the same problem with my SP-350.


    On the SP-350 there is the option (in the camera menu, flash screen) to set the flash as a slave. When set as slave the flash will fire in Super Macro Mode and should trigger your external strobe. Not sure if this would work on your camera but worth a try.


    Hope this makes sense.




  2. This looks really interesting.


    The shots look excellent.


    I have played briefly with the blue water ones but do most of my diving in the UK.


    When are these likely to be available over here?

    Will they be suitable for a P&S with manual white balance?




  3. Hello,


    Great information here. I'll have to try and remember it all when I'm underwater (maybe my next purchase should be a waterproof laptop :) ).


    I also have an SP-350 i have had some success and really like the camera and have just bought a strobe which I hope to try out at the weekend.


    The idea of the Sea&Sea wide angle lens sounds fantastic. Cheap with good results. I was wondering if there was a single step-ring available from 46 to 58mm or whether you have had to use 2 step rings?


    Keep up the good work




  4. I'll see your '4th of october at 8:17 PM CET' and raise you 23rd of September at 10:38PM GMT.


    'not that there is anything to win' what about the glory of winning the inaugural 'Wetpixel guess the date competition' :)



  5. I agree,


    I don't think there is a specific qualification that means you can take a camera underwater.


    Once you are confident with your kit, bouyancy, skills then it would be fine to take a camera underwater.


    I also think awareness of your surroundings is important and this is something that can't really be taught but comes from experience.


    I am a BSAC sports diver with about 80 dives and have just started taking a camera with me recently.


    I also think diving regularly helps alot.




  6. Hello everyone,


    My name is Matthew and I live in Bristol. I have been diving for a while but don't get out as often as I would like :D .


    I have been watching the forums for a while :blink: and have submitted a couple of images to the Improvement centre. I met Eric recently and said I would become more active so here I am.




  7. Thank you both for your replies,


    I have had a look again. It was taken on an SP-350 with an equivalent focal length of about 90mm.


    From you comments it is clear that I broke that all important rule of underwater photography and was too far away.


    I'll have to keep this in mind in future.




  8. Morning all,


    I am in a similar position. I have an SP-350 and have taken some nice shots but really need to invest in a strobe now. Any advice welcome.


    I have seen that Epoque have a a connector that uses the bulkhead on the housing. Not sure if this means that the strobe power can be controlled through the settings on the camera or if it is just another way of firing the the strobe (like a fibre optic cable)?


    Could be interesting though.



  9. Hello.


    I am very new to UW photograpy and have recently returned from my first trip with a new camera.


    Due to the perenial problem of lack of funds I am currently using an Olympus C-300 in a PT-009 housing.


    I would really appreciate comments about them and how to Improve for the future.


    Does this v limited set-up work for the wider shots or should I just concentrate on macro until I have had a nice chat with the bank manager?








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