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  1. Underwater PhotoCamera Set...Ready to Go! Excellent status UW camera gear for sale due upgrade. Ideal for entry-level underwater photographers. The Set includes: - Housing NAUTICAM NA D7000 with Vacuum System and manual pump [http://scubapix.com/pages/vacuum-system.html] - NAUTICAM 8.5 inches Acrylic Dome Port - NAUTICAM Compact Macro Port (60mm) with Go Pro hanger - NAUTICAM Zoom gear for Tokina - INON Strobe Z240 - Optical Fibre Cable (Nauticam to Inon) - 2 x Double Ball Arms - 3 x Clamps - 4 x ENELOOP AA Batteries - Panasonic Battery Charger ...and... - NIKON D7000 (just 24k shutter count!!!) - TOKINA Fish EyeLens 10-17mm F3.5 - 4.5 - AF Micro NIKKOR 60mm 1:1-28 D - 2 x Nikon Batteries - Nikon Battery Charger All the items above are items suitable for underwater photos, however, the package includes also: - TAMRON lens 18 - 200 mm - NIKON DX 35 mm 1 : 1.8 G - HOYA Polarized Filter (62mm) PRIZE: 5500 $ negotiable especially if locally picked up ______________________________________________________________________________________________________ Personal considerations: If you want to take excellent photos underwater or above with a DSLR, this is a great set up ready to go. About the conditions: I bought Camera Body + Housing 18 months ago, from a photo professional, in perfect status and I kept them in that way. When I bought the D7000, its shutter count was just above 16k (pretty new), now it's at almost 24k (as you can see in the screenshot on gumtree). And that means I haven't used much my camera, because I used the company's set every day. In the package are 4 different lenses. All of them usable for dry photos, 2 of them for underwater (Tokina fisheye and Nikoor Macro). The Tokina, Tamron, Nikkor 35 were bought brand new from shops. The 60 mm was a second hand but still in great conditions. Strobe bought second hand too and still in great conditions. Dome Port in excellent conditions too (can provide close up shots). Concluding: DSLR with zoom lens, wide angle, 35mm and macro for Street, travels, nature photography. 2 different sets for Underwater: 1)wide angle with 8.5" dome port 2)Macro 60mm with its port On top of everything, don't forget the Vacuum system, that makes you dive in peace, and trust me it's a big thing! Please do not hesitate to contact me for further info, more close up pictures or more. Local pick-up preferred. Cairns (QLD) Australian Shipping needs to be discussed International shipping costs charged to the recipient Regards
  2. Humans are insane! I've seen do it in Indo with the flamboyant. I think the main focus point has to be: Education. PADI and any other agency, instead to brainwashing students in buying equipment, should have at least one chapter focus in Marine Bio. Because that is what divers are gonna see! We need to educate'em in the first steps of diving! and, just to answer: not biggie at all!
  3. Thanks guys to share the article. I have been diving in Australia (mainly GBR) for the last 5 years and the fishing industry has a high level of activities where zone aren't sustainable at all. There are entire reefs where it easy to see that in the food-chain is missing more than one part. Some reefs are missing predators and pelagics who keep the balance of the number of the medium size fish. The GBR Marine Park is trying to do their best, to keep alive one of the most important world wonders. However in the dive industry we often talk how badly the number of Sharks, Tuna or other Pelagics are dropping every week! The fish ratio in the oceans is becoming scary. I am sure it's all depend on fish market request and international aggrement (JAP/AUS for example!) Hope No Profit Companies (Citizen GBR) may get enough power to stop Gov decision. Thanks again for sahring. Sirio
  4. Hi everyone, I've been in the dive industry for the last 10 years. Started as Divemaster in a little dive shop in the Mediterranean, and ended up being a Staff Trainer in huge Dive Centre in Cairns. Always have been passionate in u/w photo and video, till I decide to do it professionally... Through here (on Wetpixel.com) I bought my first UW camera set. In this forum, I always find tips and hints from personal bits of advice that helped me to take better photos...feel free to check them out on instagram : siriolphoto Happy bubbles to everyone. Sirio L
  5. Glass Dome Port for Fisheye lens Tokina 10-17mm Good conditions No major scratches It suits Nauticam N120-T I used 1 year no more than 30 dives. Sell due housing upgrading. Pick up preferred (Cairns - QLD) For shipping (AUS only) please message me. zenunderwater.com DP-100 for Tokina 10-17
  6. HI I am very interested in the Whole lot, Please send a pvt message I would love to give my contacts (mail, phone) Thank you
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