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  1. to answer your earlier question about SEO, (search engine optimization) it has its place, but in all honesty most photographers and videographers get their work from word of mouth. you make one client happy and they will recommend you to the next. SEO can sometimes work, but putting the effort and money into better serving your existing clients will get you a better return in the end. someone will hire you because you were recommended to them long before they will hire you because they seen your website. likely they will not even look at your website until you are shortlisted to be hired anyway, then use the website to see if your work is indeed what they want. photography is a saturated industry and plenty of people can do what you do. the best place to put that money would be to offer a discount to a new client who has good connections and will get you more work in the future. some people have had great results from SEO, but in my opinion client interaction and word of mouth works better.
  2. Once the website loaded it did indeed look very nice and was easy to navigate. I would say that I have a decent connection and it took a few minutes to load the site for me initially. Not sure if that is an issue with your hosting provider, or if it is because the page is too large (file size wise). Are the images on your website full size or downscaled? when i took a look at the sourcecode it looked as though your images were .pngs? you may want to consider compressing the photos. this basically means downsizing them to say 1080p and saving them as jpegs. this will make the file sizes smaller and will optimize your load times (especially for the homepage, you want this to load as fast as possible. for your galleries on other pages it is not as important and you may indeed want the full size and quality of the original images). if you use photoshop to downscale the images to a smaller resolution for the homepage you really wont notice a difference in the photo quality online, but you will notice a huge difference in load times. additionally i noticed that you did not have an about me page. honestly this is the hardest section to write, but it makes you seem more human and personable. it is often one of the first pages clients visit when they are looking to see if they want to hire you. they are asking themselves if they can get along with you and are you the type of person that they want to work with. its hard to write, but i highly recommend including it. it makes sure that you and the client are a good fit which results in people who are easier to work with, and better word of mouth later. one last thing. on your contact page see if you can setup a fill form in order for people to contact you directly off the website. people are lazy, if they have to login to their email and then look back on the page to get the email address they will likely go somewhere else. make it as easy as possible for them to contact you. stick it right on the page so they don't have to click away from your site. hopefully this helps, I know website design is not the easiest thing to learn, but your's does look really good. it just needs a few tweeks to optimize it.
  3. I have been a photographer and videograher for a number of years now and it was just recently that I discovered underwater shooting. I went for my first dive in Mexico (Cancun side) and one of the dive masters brought a camera with him. It was just a simple handy cam in an older ikelite housing, but one look at the footage it produced and I was hooked. I was able to obtain a copy of the footage and created my first dive video (of course giving due credit to the Filmer). Bearing in mind that i did not shoot any of the underwater footage (merely edited it) can you give me any pointers as to what I can improve? For the next one I do I am looking into getting an enclosure for my current camera so that I can produce the entire video myself, but in the meantime I would like to learn the dos and don'ts of underwater videography. Thanks in advance for any feedback! Filmed by myself and Javier Iturrieta
  4. Hi, I have been practicing photography and videography professionally for the last 7 years. I recently tried diving and one of the instructors had a camera with him. This opened my eyes to the possibilities of underwater videography and photography. One look at that footage and I was hooked. I look forward to learning more about underwater shooting and interacting with the community -Dorian
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