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  1. I have an Ikelite housing for my sony a6300 and it does not have a separate viewfinder. I was wondering if anyone ever tried to jerry-rig a separate viewfinder, like the Sea & Sea 0.8x Optical Viewfinder for a housing without a viewfinder. I was wondering if I could 3d print something that might work to hold this viewfinder onto the housing. I often take pictures in very lighted UW areas and I cannot use the screen to see what I'm shooting. So, I use the eyepiece, but it is pretty small and can be hard to see the details I want. Anyway - suggestions? Thanks!
  2. Hi - I live in the Marshall Islands. I have been diving for years but only recently took up UW Photography. I use a sony A6300 and Ikelite housing. I take mostly macro photos and find floating in shallow water looking for creatures very relaxing.
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