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  1. That is such great information, Tinman! I really appreciate it. I will give your suggestions a try of draining the battery and doing some of the other maintenance.
  2. I am selling my sony A6300 Ikelite housing. It's in great shape. All works fine. It is the housing, the tray with 1 arm, 2 dome parts, 1 flat port and 2 extensions. Here are the details. I am asking $500 for all. I also have the camera for sale if interested. 6910.63 200DLM/A Underwater TTL Housing for Sony Alpha A6300 Mirrorless Camera. Here is a link for more detailed information https://www.ikelite.com/products/200dlm-a-underwater-ttl-housing-for-sony-alpha-a6300-mirrorless-camera 4080.01 Tray and single handle 5516.70 Mirrorless Lens Extension 2.25 Inch. Here is a link to the dome and port chart https://docs.ikelite.com/reference/port-chart-dlm-a-system.pdf 5516.65 Mirrorless Lens Extension 1.2 Inch 5516.11 MIL Dome Port for Super Wide Angle 5516.15 MIL Dome Port with Zoom -- this port works fine, but there are a few minor scratches on the lens. I used it without noticing any deterioration in image quality. 5516.50 Flat Port (I used this with my 50mm f2.8 sony lens and with the 90mm Sony Macro lens) 3 spare O rings Spare port screws Cool Ikelite stickers Please let me know if you have any questions.
  3. I have used my Ikelite D161 strobes a lot over the past 4 or 5 years. I think they are going, because they don't seem to flash at the brightest level -- or they need a long time to recharge to flash at that level. Has anyone had experience with telling when a flash is starting to go? And if there is a good way to test it? I appreciate any advice.
  4. Wow! This is amazing DIY. Thanks for posting with the pics. It's a great reference and so interesting to see what is inside of those battery packs. I need to replace mine battery, but I don't think I have the confidence try this.
  5. Hi Hans. I'm new to the site as well, but like you, I began diving in 1993! I have been taking underwater images for about 5 years, and joined to help improve my skills, as well as sell my old housing. Too bad it's not for the Canon EOS R you are looking for. Happy hunting.
  6. I have a tough time finding small things as well. I have gotten better from practice and knowing critter environment. I wish I had a good dive guide to learn from. Some other things that seemed to have helped me was seeing eye reflection or a slight movement from the critter.
  7. I have an Ikelite housing for my sony a6300 and it does not have a separate viewfinder. I was wondering if anyone ever tried to jerry-rig a separate viewfinder, like the Sea & Sea 0.8x Optical Viewfinder for a housing without a viewfinder. I was wondering if I could 3d print something that might work to hold this viewfinder onto the housing. I often take pictures in very lighted UW areas and I cannot use the screen to see what I'm shooting. So, I use the eyepiece, but it is pretty small and can be hard to see the details I want. Anyway - suggestions? Thanks!
  8. Hi - I live in the Marshall Islands. I have been diving for years but only recently took up UW Photography. I use a sony A6300 and Ikelite housing. I take mostly macro photos and find floating in shallow water looking for creatures very relaxing.
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