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  1. I have bought the second flash, and it works great!! Unfortunately my old flash, the inon s2000, broke the second dive i did whit the two flashes..... The repair is going to cost €250,-... so i don't know if i'm going to fix it right away.
  2. Hello Bill, Thanx for the reaction. I think that i'm going to buy the flash in that case. Greating Danny.
  3. Hello Timz, The S2000 is a very nice flash. When using wide angle is use it on full power manual. The TTL works great, when not doing wide angle i set my camera on 'fill-in flash' (don't know is this is translated correctly, but it is the mode were the camera decides how strong it needs to flash), and i practically never need to adjust anything. The flash is connected via the FO cable and works 100% of the time!! Greating Danny.
  4. Hello everyone, I have a camera with a singel Inon S200 flash and am willing to expand. I have a limited budget and found an secondhanded Sea &Sea YS-01 flas for a good price. The flash is only used 20 times so it is as good as new. I was wondering if it is posible to use the Inon s2000 and the Sea & Sea YS-01 flash at the same time? Has anyone experience with this or a usefull thought? I know the warmth of the light has a difference of 150k between the to, but will this be a problem? I do both macro and wide angle shooting if that information helps Thanks in advanced, Greatings from the netherlands, Danny.
  5. Hello everybody, thanks for letting me into the forum. I am a joung uw and above water photograph with my 18 years. I own a e-pl3 camera and since a year i use a dome. I stil have a lot to lern and hope this forum can help me with that.
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