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  1. I went with the GX8, nauticam case, and 14-42mm lens with CMC. I also got the black molly video light until I can get the strobes. The whole kit worked way better than I had hoped for. check out some images from the first tests in Marsa Alam last month...very happy with it. check out some images www.facebook.com/descendimages/ instagram also descend_images
  2. thanks these are great examples. I think the gx8 will be the camera for me, now just to select the lens to start off with. I think the 14-42 with OIS might also be interesting, but still unsure . Either way it seems to be down to 12-50mm, but with this lens I have no OIS, which I don't even know if I need to have... or 14-42, the 12-35 is also very interesting, daunting decisions here
  3. yes I see it is a hard decision between those 2 cameras. I am also wondering, if I get the port without the Zoom gear for the 12-50mm, do I loose any of the functions? Will it make any difference to me underwater?
  4. yes that helps a lot. thank you, I did not realise I could use the 12-50mm without a zoom kit, and that the gx80 would have better photo quality. thanks again.
  5. Hey guys, just trying to get my head around a potential new setup, any thoughts or pointers would be great...I want to get oceanic white tips, dolphins, ship wrecks (Red Sea coming up soon) with occasional macro nudibranch, and general close ups around Komodo next year. Looking around 4000euro all up in the budget, hard decisions.... Panasonic GX8 (or maybe GX80) Nauticam housing NA-GX8 Olympus 12-50mm lens Nauticam Macro Port and Zoom gear set Olympus 12-50 [36162] Nauticam M16 Vacuum Valve II (Pushbutton Release) [25625] Bigblue AL2600XWP Black Molly III extra wide video light Perhaps in the future looking at the CMC wet lens to improve the macro shots. I prefer wide angle to be honest but enjoy everything really. For lenses I know the Panasonic 7-14 and the Olympus 60mm macro would perform better but then I think I need to spend a lot more and buy 2 dome ports and no flexibility in the choice once underwater. Any advice for me would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Carlos
  6. hello everybody im diving 25 years but just started using a camera underwater, totally clueless where to start. cheers
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