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  1. Brand new never used.

    This TTL trigger was developed for all Sony mirrorless camera systems. The s-TURTLE SMART is the perfect choice for the demanding underwater photographer who needs a reliable TTL converter which works with the most popular underwater strobes (Inon, Ikelite, Sea&Sea, Subtronic).

    More info here:

    Available to ship it from Melbourne, Australia.


  2. This is a N120 dome port with acrylic dome and aluminium frame, good conditions. Can be used in a N85 in combination with a nauticam N85 to n120 adapter.


    It has few minor scratches on the acrylic surface, these never show in pictures.


    Price 250USD.


    Shipping from Australia.





  3. Hi,


    I am considering moving to a sony a6500 from my Oly em-5 original version. My em-5 syncs at 1/250 The A-6500 syncs at 1/160. This is a difference of 2/3 stop.


    Is this a serious disadvantage, especially when shooting animals/divers with sunballs in clear tropical waters? I have see some A-6500 sample pics where the lens was fully stopped down and the subject properly exposed with flash at 1/160, but the sunball was still too large and blown out, but I don't know if the difference in sync speed would make any difference.


    so, I thought I would ask more experienced people here what they think. Are there other disadvantages that I should know about?


    Or, is this really not that big a deal.


    EDIT, I thought I read somewhere that someone tested the A-6500 with manual flash at 1/250 and there was no issue with the shutter blades. Does anyone know about this? Will the camera even allow this?



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